What kid doesn’t love brightly dyed eggs, pastel colored jelly beans, and hippity hopping bunnies!? Easter is such a fun time to encourage friendship and plan EGGciting treats and activities for our kids. As a mom I LOVE hiding plastic eggs in the back yard and rereading our favorite Easter stories. Traditions are everything in my house. That’s why I am so excited to share these adorable and engaging holiday scavenger hunt lists for your little bunnies!

Easter Scavenger Hunt

Learning About Observational Skills:

easter scavenger hunt ideas


When your child is looking for specific items on the list they will have to classify objects by colors, sizes, shapes and even textures.

As your child finds each item, have them cross off the picture and then draw the object on the second page. Encourage them to use descriptive words including positions and locations.

This activity can be completed indoors if rainy or outside in the beautiful spring weather.

The Easter scavenger hunt items that are included in this printable are: carrot, bunny, flowers, jelly beans, chick, hidden eggs, eggs, chocolate bunny, Easter bunny, and cracked egg.

In addition to learning about observational skills for kindergarten here are some more ideas for what you can teach using the Easter Scavenger Hunt:

  • What object was the easiest to find?
  • What object was the hardest to find?
  • What other objects did you find that are not on the sheet?
  • What do you think was inside of the cracked egg?
Easter Scavenger Hunt pages

What Can Preschoolers Learn From The Easter Scavenger Hunt?



  • Which words start with ‘E’?
  • Which words have a ‘C’ in them?
  • What pictures contain two separate words?
  • Can you think of other words that start with ‘B’ like in bunny?
Black and white copies of an Easter Scavenger Hunt

Why Is It Important For Kids To Participate In Scavenger Hunts?

Besides the fact that kids love running wild and free, there are so many other reasons you should ask your children to find specific objects in a hunt.

Build Problem Solving Skills

Our children will use prior knowledge to investigate and problem solve where they think one of the Easter objects may be hiding. For example, a broken egg could be found in a bird’s nest on a tree branch.

Teach Teamwork

Have your children work in small groups or pairs to practice brainstorming and team work. Collaborating with a friend can provide us with clues and ideas we may not have thought of.

Get Your Body Moving

I have never met a kid that doesn’t love running outside and searching for ‘treasure’. Your child will engage gross motor skills by exploring and moving those little legs.

Develop Fine Motor Skills

When your child crosses out the objects they have found and draws a picture of the objects, they are using their fine motor skills. This is important for writing, tying shoes, and self-feeding.

Tools you’ll need

HP Bright White Printer Paper Ream
dry erase pocket
dry erase markers for kids

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Don’t worry about making a special trip to the store. You can get all the supplies for this activity right here. Click the pictures above to get what you need.

Scavenger hunt with an Easter theme for kids

How To Use This Free Easter Hunt Printable:

printable scavenger hunt

This activity is so simple to make and to ‘stage’ if necessary. If some of the objects are not found in your hunting space, feel free to add these items for your kiddos to find.

Print out a copy of the printable for each child.

A clipboard or something hard to set the paper on could help with tears or tiny holes in their papers.

Provide each child with a crayon, pen or pencil (and please remind them not to run with a sharp writing tool!).

Let them run free and explore their surroundings, with proper supervision of course.

Other Ways To Use Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt:

Create a Clue

If you feel like your child may have a difficult time finding the objects, create fun clues for them to help them feel successful.

Take a Picture

Instead of, or along with, your child drawing a picture of the object, take their picture beside or close to what they have found.

Easter Egg Sensory Bin

Try this great sensory activity to celebrate Easter and practice matching colors and designs.

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Easter Scavenger Hunt
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