One of my very favorite traditions is to decorate the Christmas tree with my children each December. We eat sugar cookies, drink warm marshmallow filled cocoa, and pick out our favorite ornaments. I especially cherish the ornaments that my children have made throughout the years. This Christmas ornament with pom poms would go on my tree year after year. It’s also a great way to keep your kids busy and on task during a pretty exciting time! This easy Christmas ornament for kids will give them an opportunity to use their creative thinking and fine motor skills.

Create a DIY Christmas ornament with red and green pom poms Fine motor Christmas ornament for kids

Learning About Fine Motor Skills:

diy christmas ornaments for kids


Besides making a holiday keepsake to display, your child will develop their tiny fingers to help with tying shoes, writing their name, and using utensils.

Using the clear, pop top ornament can give your kiddo an opportunity to use different materials and be as creative as they want. In addition to making the POM POM homemade Christmas Ornament, there are other craft ideas for using the clear ornaments.

Here are additional items your child can put inside their ornament:

  • Colorful Glitter
  • Colored sand
  • Candy
  • Cotton balls
  • Bouncy Balls
  • Miniature Figurine

In addition to learning about fine motor skills for kids here are some more ideas for what you can teach using the Pom Pom Christmas Ornament:

  • How could we share this with a friend or family member?
  • How do we know how much to put into the ornament?
  • How to fill clear Christmas ornaments.
  • What is a material or object that would not fit in your ornament?
Use red and green pom poms and clear Christmas ornaments to create a simple Christmas ornament for kids

What Can Preschoolers Learn About Fine Motor Skills?

christmas ornament crafts for kids


  • Buttoning and zipping clothing
  • Taking care of personal needs
  • Feeding them self
  • Using scissors to cut
Push pom poms into clear plastic Christmas ornaments for a simple kids' Christmas ornament

Why Is It Important For Kids To Be Creative?

Besides the fact that kids love arts and crafts projects, there are so many other reasons you should do art and craft activities with your child.

Building Self Confidence

Letting your child express them self and use their own form of creativity can build their self confidence and make them feel good about what they can accomplish.

Working On Math Skills

Children practice with quantities and how much or little can be used on a craft. Other skills that can be correlated to math are shapes, length, and sorting.

Self Regulation

It takes patience for children to make crafts. Letting glue or paint dry can be hard to wait on. Kids work on self regulation skills by creating their craft one step at a time.

Social Skills

Working on a project or craft together can help boost social skills like sharing, taking turns, positive communication, and bonding with a close friend or adult.

How To Use This Pom Poms Ornament


Making this pom pom Christmas ornament is so simple. Take your colored pom poms and a plastic ornament (buy in bulk for every child) and set them out for your little elves.

Pop the top off of the clear Christmas ornament and have your kids place the pom poms into the ornament top.

Other Ways To Use Christmas Ornament Kid Craft Ideas:

Make a Gift

Have your child make this special ornament as a gift for someone they love. You can fill it with pom poms, candy canes, or even yummy smelling bath salts.

Pick a Pattern

Use two or three different color pom poms and have your child create or recreate a fun pattern for the holiday season.

Tweeze for Fun

To make the craft more challenging, give your children a pair of plastic tweezers to practice squeezing the pom pom and placing it into the ornament. These Learning Resources tweezers are our absolute favorite and we use them all.the.time.

Christmas ornament pom pom craft for kids

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