Are you on the hunt for cute Valentine’s cards for kids? Look no further. Maybe you need kids’ valentines cards for school, for your play group, or you’re just looking for a cute valentine for your own children. Regardless of who the recipient of this adorable card is, they are sure to declare it one of the best kids Valentine’s Day cards they have ever received. These Free Printable Play Doh Valentine Cards for Kids are sure to be the hit of every Valentine’s party this year!

Free Printable Play Doh Valentine's Day Cards

Recommended Grade Level:

Valentine’s Day Card Supplies:

  • Play doh containers
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Tape or Glue

This play doh valentine printable free card makes planning for your kids school valentines cards super easy this year. Just download, print, attach to the play doh, and your DIY valentine card is ready to go.

So, check finding a unique valentine card idea off of your list, and move onto planning all of the fun valentine crafts for kids that you are going to work on with your children!

Why Play Doh Makes A Great Gift:

Play dough is such a simple gift, but it has so many wonderful benefits for children! Here are some of the many reasons why play dough is an awesome gift.

  • The kneading, twisting, patting, and rolling of play dough are perfect activities for fine motor skill development.
  • Play dough promotes creativity and encourages imaginary play.
  • Using cookie cutters and other tools with play dough helps develop hand eye coordination.
  • Play dough is so versatile since it can be molded into pretty much anything you can dream up.
  • Kids love talking about their play dough creations, which is great for vocabulary development and working on language skills.

How To Use These Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards For Preschoolers:

This free valentines day card for kids is super easy to assemble.

All you need to do is print your “Dohn’t You Know You’re Terrific!” tags, cut them out, and glue or tape them to the lid of the Play Doh container. It’s as simple as that!

It can be given as a stand alone classroom valentine, or you can let your little one create their own Happy Valentine’s Day card to accompany it!

You can also let your little one decorate the outside of the container with some fun red and pink heart stickers for an extra Valentine’s Day touch!

The finished Valentine's Day Play Doh Gifts for Kids.

Ideas For Using Play Dough With Your Child:

While play dough is known for being a super fun kid’s activity, it can also be a very educational tool as well! Try incorporating play dough into your lesson plans using some of the following activities:

  • Use Number Mats 1-10 or Ten Frame Number Mats to practice number identification and one to one correspondence. (These two activities are also adorable play doh valentine ideas!)
  • Have your child use play dough to work on letter formation. They can use their finger to trace letters into the dough, or they can form the letter using the play dough. Once they master making individual letters, they can try to make their whole name out of play dough.
  • Practicing shape identification and formation using play dough. You can start with 2D shapes and then move on to creating 3D shapes.
  • Create patterns with your play dough. You can start by making small balls of different color play dough and create a simple A/B pattern, and get more complex as you go.
  • Explore textures with your play dough. Use objects with smooth and rough textures to make indentations into the play dough.
  • Try this firefighter play dough printable set or this Valentine’s Day themed set to give your child some characters to play with.
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