Free Printable for Addition: Cookie Bump!

We are huge Bump! fans at our house! My first grader cannot get enough of it. She gets really excited when she sees a game among her school for the day! I wanted to share her love for Bump! with you. I have lots of choices in my shop including a fun CVC set which was fantastic for getting her to read without ‘work’ last year. This set is my gift to you! You can download your free printable for addition: Cookie Bump! at the end of this post.

Cookie Bump!

File Folder

2 Brads

2 Paper Clips

2 sets of 20 game markers. We use buttons or foam blocks.


Laminating pouches (optional, but great for durability)

Cookie Bump! Printable

How to play:

Spin both spinners and add up the total.

Put a place marker on the matching number.

If the other player has a place marker on that number you can “Bump” them off and put your marker on.

If you already have a place marker on that number, you can place a second place marker on top to freeze the number. Frozen numbers cannot be “Bumped”.

The game ends when all the numbers have been frozen.

The winner is the player with the most numbers frozen.

Cookie Bump! How to play

There are two BUMP! games included in this pack: Addition to 5 and Addition from 6-10. 

cookie theme bump! file folder addition game for kindergarten

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