Get ready, it’s about to be your lucky day! St. Patrick’s Day is coming up which means pots of gold, rainbows, and four leaf clovers. It also means finding more holiday themed activities for your preschoolers. This St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Color Scavenger Hunt Printable for Kids is an awesome way to practice colors and have a fun treasure hunt at the same time! Did I mention it’s FREE? (See, I told you it was about to be your lucky day!)

Child drawing pictures on a St. Patrick's Day color scavenger hunt. Second picture of colored toys paired up with the colors on the scavenger hunt printable

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

  • Paper
  • Drawing Utensils (markers, crayons)
  • Random toys in a variety of colors

Your preschoolers will love hunting around the house or classroom with this St Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt. They will feel just like a leprechaun searching for a rainbow!

This fun activity makes the perfect rainy day activity if you are stuck indoors. It can also be a great St. Patrick’s Day classroom scavenger hunt party activity.

How To Teach Colors:

I think colors are one of the most fun topics to teach preschoolers. There are so many simple activities you can do to work on colors!

  • Play color matching games.
  • Talk about colors while you are working on crafts and art projects.
  • Use “I Spy” as a fun color hunt while you are on a walk or riding in the car.
  • As you are reading books point out colors, or ask your toddler to point out the colors that they see.
  • Display color posters in your home or classroom.
  • Play simple games like this colorful activity for graphing rainbow bears.
A printed and blank St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Color Scavenger Hunt printable.

How To Use This St Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt Kid’s Activity:

Enter your email address below and then head to your inbox to get the link to download the rainbow scavenger hunt printable. Print it onto white computer paper, or onto card stock for a more durable paper.

If you want to make this a re-useable color scavenger hunt for kids, you can laminate the paper or slip it into a clear plastic sleeve.

Give your child a copy of the rainbow scavenger hunt St. Patrick’s Day activity. They will search the classroom or house for objects that are each color.

The St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Color Scavenger Hunt worksheet surrounded by colorful toys.

They can write the name or draw a picture of the object they found.

A child writing the names of the colored objects onto the St Patrick's Rainbow Treasure Hunt worksheet.
St. Patrick's Day math bundle

More Rainbow Scavenger Hunt Ideas:

The St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Color Scavenger Hunt worksheet with colorful toys on it.
  • If you have a pre-reader, or your child needs help with the color names, you can highlight, trace the color name, or underline the color on the paper using that color crayon or marker as a guide.
  • Use the printable color scavenger hunt with stickers or foam shapes. Your child can find a sticker or foam shape that matches the color and put it into the box.
  • Search a magazine for items in different colors. Practice scissor skills by cutting the objects out and paste them onto the color scavenger hunt free printable.
  • Write the color vocabulary words onto index cards or colored construction paper and hide them around your home. As your child finds the card have them check off the color they have found. This is a great activity if you laminate the St. Patrick’s Day treasure hunt because it can be used over and over again.
  • Use the rainbow treasure hunt sheet as you do a read aloud. When children spot something that color in the book they can write or draw it.
St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Color Scavenger Hunt Featured Square Image
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