Division Facts Fluency Spin & Win Game

Do you want to get your kids excited about division? This division facts fluency game is a fun way for kids to build their division facts skills without boring worksheets or flashcards. It’s a great math center or partner activity that will keep your kids engaged as they learn!

Division Fact Spin & Win

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Division Facts Fluency Spin & Win:

Additional Materials Needed: 

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Paper | Laminating Pouches | Laminator | Paper Fastener | Paper Clips | Dry-erase Markers

Instructions for teacher:

Print the game board, 2 copies of the division facts spinners, 1 write & wipe board for each player and the recording sheet (1 for each student).

Laminate all the pieces, except the recording sheets.

Assemble the division facts spinners by placing a paper clip onto the paper fastener and poking the fastener through the center of the spinner. Open the fastener prongs on the back of the spinners and secure with a small piece of tape.

division file folder game

Division Facts Fluency Spin & Win! Instructions:

  • Give each player a write and wipe board.
  • Select the first player. Place a marker on the “Start” space.
  • Both players will spin the spinner on their board. Then, they will write the number that spun in the yellow box on the top level of their individual Write & Wipe boards. In the second box they will write the divisor that is being used (this is shown on the spinner card.) Next, they will answer and write the quotient in the bottom level of their Write & Wipe boards.
  • The player that has the highest value moves ahead three spaces.

division facts game

  • The player with the lowest value moves back one space unless he is on the starting space. -In case of a tie, both players move ahead one space.
  • The game continues until one player makes it to the end space. Example: For the “divided by 6 game.” Player 1 spins: 36 Player 2 spins: 12 -Player 1 will move ahead 3 spaces. -Player 2 will move back one space.
  • There is an additional recording sheet that can be used to demonstrate what problems were solved during the game.

division board game

Memorization of division facts is vital and this game will give endless opportunities to build division facts fluency. Upper Elementary students will benefit from the review of division facts that this game provides.

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