Nothing captures the magic and whimsy of Christmas and winter like a snow globe. I remember shaking furiously then watching the flurry of white settle itself into the nooks and crannies of a tiny forest of Christmas trees. Creating a beautiful DIY snow globe mason jar craft is not just for kids, but it is easy enough that children of all ages can make their own creation as well.

– Life Over C's Photo collage showing a snow globe made out of a Mason jar.

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the DIY Snow Globe in a Mason Jar:

  • Mason Jar
  • Acrylic Trees
  • Foam Beads
  • Waterproof glue
  • Glitter
  • Glycerin

This DIY Winter Snow Globe Craft for Kids is a wonderful craft idea. It requires a jar, a few creative props, waterproof glue, glitter, and glycerin. It’s a cool winter craft for kids that provides entertainment long after the art activity is over!

Differentiating a Snow Globe Craft for Kids

While this DIY snow globe comes together in a jar, there are actually quite a few other options when it comes to creating snow globe crafts for kids.

First, consider the type of jars you have easy access to. Perhaps baby food jars (donated from a parent?), canning jars (donated from a grandma?), or even randomly saved jars from your own refrigerator (pickles, olives, jam, etc.) With a bit of preplanning, you can acquire exactly what you need for your preschoolers to create a wonderful Christmas craft.

Next, think about what you have readily available to put in your jar. You know all those little toys (Legos, action figures, erasers, figurines, souvenirs) that kids are constantly bringing to school? Use them! Ask your families to send in whatever Christmas/winter/holiday themed tiny items they have that could withstand a new home within a snow globe.

– Life Over C's Up close picture of the finished DIY Winter Snow Globe Craft for Kids.

You can also create a cute snow globe craft by attaching two clear plastic plates, which leaves enough space to include a 2-dimensional scene on the inside.

Consider clear plastic cups instead of glass jars.

Not winter? You can easily adjust the theme of a snow globe. Dinosaurs, family, animals, space, travel and more can also live among glitter and satisfy preschoolers’ needs to shake.

How to Make a Winter Snow Globe

Gather the materials below and have walking your students and children through the process of creating a delightful holiday snow globe.

– Life Over C's Overhead shot of the supplies for the DIY Winter Snow Globe Craft for Kids.


  1. Use waterproof superglue/epoxy to attach figurines/trees to the bottom of the jar lid. Make sure your items are centered as desired. Allow to dry completely according to the glue specifications.
  2. Fill the jar almost completely full with water. Keep in mind you want your figurine(s) fully submerged.
  3. Add a few drops of glycerin.
  4. Add as much glitter as desired.
  5. Glue the inner jar lid (with figurine(s) attached) to the metal ring with waterproof glue. Dry completely. (Use waterproof glue or epoxy only – I do not recommend hot glue.
  6. Finally, attach the lid to the jar with a ring of waterproof glue around the jar ring before twisting.
  7. Dry thoroughly before flipping over and shaking.
– Life Over C's Three glittery Christmas tree figurines sitting on top of a mason jar lid.

Other Winter Art Projects for Kids

When winter weather shows us its worst side, why not cozy up inside with a DIY winter craft for kids. Crafting keeps kids engaged while also providing valuable skills in a variety of developmental and academic areas.

– Life Over C's Picture of the completed DIY snow globe on a table.

Here are a few more crafts for kids to do in winter:

  • Handprint penguin craft
  • Paper snowflake craft (free printable templates make it super simple)
  • Winter trees with puffy snow (shaving cream + glue)
  • Paper snowman craft (pulled cotton balls work for an added sensory experience)

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– Life Over C's Photo of a DIY snow globe made out of a Mason jar.

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