Winter weather brings snow, fuzzy mittens, steamy soup, and sled riding. While you are keeping warm throughout this winter weather, take the time to practice important math skills for preschool. These adorable winter math activities for preschoolers will provide a variety of playful learning and easy to prep activities that are approved by both adults and kids!

Free Winter Clip Cards for Preschoolers

Recommended Grade Level:

Winter Clip Cards Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Scissors
  • Clothespins

Learning About Counting and Numbers:

winter activities for preschoolers


The Count on Sesame Street isn’t the only one that needs to know numbers and counting skills. Our kids need practice with counting in order to understand that we assign a number with a group of objects.

These fun winter theme preschool activity clip cards include 3 different sets:

  • Matching picture to picture (visual discrimination)
  • Matching numeral to ten-frame
  • Matching numeral to an array

Use the set of clip cards that works best for you! The entire set can be used individually, in small groups, and in the math center.

In addition to learning about counting in kindergarten here are some more ideas for what you can teach with our Winter clip cards:

  • Practicing fine motor skills with the clothes pins.
  • Vocabulary usage
  • Identifying same and different
  • One-to-one correspondence
Visual discrimination is an important skills and these free printable winter matching clip cards are a great way to build matching skills and fine motor skills.

What Can Preschoolers Learn About Matching?

winter theme activities preschool


  • What makes these pictures similar?
  • What makes these pictures different?
  • What can you use the object on the picture for?
  • Describe the pictures you see (color, size, texture, etc).
Match picture to picture with these low prep free winter theme matching cards for preschool.

Why Is It Important For Kids To The Winter Clip Cards?

Besides the fact that kids need practice counting, there are other benefits to using this winter printable for preschool.

Number Sense Sensation

Number sense helps kids figure out what numbers mean. This will help with understanding number relationships and adding and subtracting.

Ten Frame Fun

Using the ten frame winter clip cards can help preschoolers (and kindergarteners) practice adding and taking away. This also shows kids how one-to-one correspondence works.

Lots of Language

We all know how our kids LOVE to talk! Give them an opportunity to tell you more about the pictures in the winter clip cards. How would they use these winter objects? Describe what you see on the object.

Fine Motor Mania

Little fingers need lots of practice coloring, cutting, tying shoes, and using utensils. The winter clip cards will help develop the proper hand-eye coordination that little ones need.

Work on number recognition for numbers 1-10 while counting arrays with these winter math activities for preschoolers.
Free printable matching and counting activities for preschool.

How To Use The Winter Clip Cards For Preschoolers

Counting and matching with preschoolers

All you need to do is print the winter clip cards, cut them out, and laminate them.

Make sure you have enough clothes pins for every clip card you are using. If you don’t have any clothes pins, a dry erase marker to circle the answers will work well too.

Other Ways To Use The Winter Clip Cards For Preschoolers:

Ten Frame Playdough Play

Have your child use pieces of playdough (they can roll them in a ball) to practice counting on the ten frame clip card. Rolling a ball of playdough is another great way to practice fine motor skills and encourage sensory play.

What’s the Sound?

Students can figure out the beginning sounds of each winter clip card picture and say additional words that begin with the sound.

Dry erase Differentiation

Has your child already mastered counting and clipping? Give them a dry erase marker to write down the number in different ways (numerical, dots, tally marks).

Find even more engaging activities in the Life Over C’s shop!

winter counting and matching clip card activities for preschool
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