We are huge dinosaur lovers at my house. My children love excavating the backyard in search of dinosaur bones and dinosaur fossils. They get super excited for any dinosaur activity we do! This Easy Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft For Preschoolers is a dino-mite activity that can be used to practice a variety of preschool skills. Fine motor skill work, shape practice, and color recognition can all be incorporated in this fun craft.

– Life Over C's Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft for Preshoolers

Recommended Grade Level:

Paper Plate Dinosaur Supplies:

  • Paper Plate
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Washable Paint
  • Colored Cardstocks
  • Googly Eyes
  • Black Marker

This dinosaur paper plate craft for preschoolers is super simple to make. Gluing, using scissors, and painting are all involved making this the perfect fine motor skill practice craft idea!

Why Are Craft Activities Important For Preschoolers?

This dinosaur craft for kids to make is a wonderful activity for kids and their development for so many reasons!

  • Arts and crafts projects promote creativity.
  • They are great for fine motor skill development and hand/eye coordination.
  • Craft projects can be an awesome way to recycle and reuse materials. Empty paper rolls, bubble wrap, and egg cartons all make perfect crafting supplies!
  • Crafts are great practice for listening comprehension and following step by step instructions.

How To Make This Easy Dinosaur Craft For Preschoolers:

– Life Over C's The supplies for the paper plate dinosaur craft.


Start by cutting the paper plate in half.

Using decorative scissors with a jagged edge, or using your regular scissors, create jagged notches around the curve of the plate to look like spikes on your dinosaur.

– Life Over C's A folded paper plate with triangles cut out of the rounded edge.

Pick the paint colors you want for your dinosaur, and paint the paper plate. Short strokes will create a fun scaley effect on your dinosaur.

– Life Over C's The painted paper plate body of the dinosaur craft preschool activity.

Allow your paper plate to dry. While the paint is drying, you can prepare the rest of your dinosaur craft.

Cut one long strip, 4 shorter strips, one oval, and two small triangles out of your color coordinated card stock. (Awesome shape practice for your toddler!)

– Life Over C's Pieces of red construction paper cut out for the paper plate dinosaur craft.

Take the long strip and cut it in half. Glue the two ends together to create a L shape.

Fold one end over the other and continue the process. This will create a paper spring. After you have finished folding the pieces over top one another you can secure the end with glue.

Next you are going to create the head of the dinosaur using the oval.

– Life Over C's The arms and face for the dinosaur craft made out of construction paper.

Fold the oval in half and cut a mouth shape from the lower part of the oval. Unfold the oval and cut jagged notches around the top half of the head.

Add the final touches to your dinosaur face by gluing on the googly eyes and horns, drawing a nose with the black marker, and drawing toes on the small strips of paper.

Glue the spring to the back of the dinosaur head and then attach it to the paper plate portion of the dinosaur.

– Life Over C's The head attached to the body with a piece of construction paper for the paper plate dinosaur craft.

Glue the dinosaur legs on and you are ready for some roaring dinosaur fun!

Other Ideas For This Dinosaur Themed Activity For Preschoolers:

  • Use a small paper plate to create your dinosaur and glue it to a paper bag for an easy dinosaur puppet.
  • Instead of using paint, glue tissue paper squares or torn construction paper onto your paper plate to add some texture.
  • Research your child’s favorite dinosaur with them and find out what features made that dinosaur unique. Add those details to your paper dinosaur plate.
  • Use any extra paper plates you have to draw ovals, paint them, and create dinosaur eggs!

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– Life Over C's Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft for Preshoolers
Dinosaur Craft

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