Hands-On 2D Shape Activities

Understanding shapes can be a complex skill for a child to learn. Providing them with a good variety of hands-on activities and giving them lots of opportunities to explore and interact with shapes is very important. Sometimes the only way to understand the difference between a square and a rectangle or a circle and an oval is through having them side-by-side and exploring how they relate to each other. And let’s face it some of those words are tough for a preschooler or kindergartener to pronounce! These hands-on 2D shape activities will give your kids lots of practice!

25+ Awesome Hands-On 2D Shape Activities for Kids. Games, activities, free printables, sensory activities and more for learning about 2D Shapes with your kids!

2D Shape Activities from Life Over C’s

Shape Posters and I Spy Sets

Shape Matching Games for Kids

Shape Play Dough Mats

More Shape Activities

We love integrating learning shapes into other fun skill-building activities. Below you’ll find some great ideas for crafts, sensory play, activities and games that provide hands-on ways to teach 2D shapes.

shape activities for preschool and kindergarten math centers

Play, Activities and Games for 2D Shapes

However you choose to play and learn with shapes kids are sure to have fun and build early math skills. I’d love to hear you favorite hands-on ways to teach 2D shapes!

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