My youngest son is OBSESSED with dinosaurs. He especially loves raptors and his adorable little 2 year old self calls them “rappers”. What’s not to like? Huge lizards that could fly, stomp, and swim!

Let’s add a game that’s fun to play and helps our kiddos with identifying shapes. A DINOSAUR shapes I spy hunt!! This Free Printable Dinosaur Shape Posters and I Spy Shape Hunt set will captivate the attention of any dinosaur lover in your home or classroom and will provide some great shape practice.

– Life Over C's Free Dinosaur 2D Shape Posters

Recommended Grade Level:

Dinosaur 2D Shape Poster Supplies:

  • Color printer
  • White paper or cardstock
  • Laminator and laminating pouch (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil, crayon, or marker

Each free shape poster has different shapes of dinosaurs and the name of the shape. Pair the 2d shape posters free download with the I Spy activity for a super fun learning activity for preschoolers.

Why Do We Teach Shapes To Preschoolers?

There are more important reasons to teach toddlers and preschoolers shapes then just memorizing numbers of sides and angles. Children can start to understand letters and numbers by the shapes of lines and curves. Shapes can also help children sort and classify objects as well as developing key vocabulary to describe the world around them. Check out this article from for additional reasons preschoolers should learn about shapes.

Shapes are a foundational math skill that other geometry skills are built upon. Being able to identify shapes is one of the first steps in recognizing patterns.

What Shapes Should Preschoolers Know?

Most preschoolers typically don’t need to know a dodecahedron (I had to Google it) or a trapezoid. The most commonly taught shapes for our young learners include:

  • Circles
  • Ovals
  • Triangles
  • Squares
  • Rectangles
  • Rhombuses (diamonds)
  • Sometimes stars and hearts (which technically are not geometric shapes).
– Life Over C's

How To Use These Dinosaur Shape Activities For Preschoolers:

After you download the I Spy sheets, I see cards, and shape posters for your preschool classroom, print them onto white card stock and laminate them.

What’s Included With the 2D Dinosaur Shape Posters?

There are many ways you can use these resources in the classroom and at home.

  • 2D Dinosaur Printable Posters
  • I See 2D Dinosaur Shape Picture cards
  • I Spy Printable

Materials Needed:

  • Color printer
  • White paper or cardstock
  • Laminator and laminating pouch (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil, crayon, or marker

Free Printable Shape Posters:

– Life Over C's Close up of the cutout triangle dinosaur shape posters.
  • Hang the shape printable posters around your home or classroom. Call out the name of the shape and have your child go stand by the poster.
  • Print out two copies of each poster and make it into a fun matching game. If you have a classroom full of students you can have each one hold a poster and find their match. If you only have one or two children you are practicing with, you can scatter them around on the floor and have them make matches.
  • Use the posters as shape mats. You can give out dry erase markers to practice tracing the shapes, or play dough to work on creating the shapes for a fun hands on activity.

I See Cards:

  • Assemble the I See Cards into a book using a hole punch and metal ring. Use the entertaining book as a fun pre-reader! Keep it stored in your purse or in the car so your child can practice their shapes when you a have a few free minutes waiting for an appointment or driving somewhere.
  • Stack the cards into a pile and place them face down. Have your child draw a card, identify the shape, read the sentence, and then go find an object around the house that is the same shape!

I Spy Game:

The I Spy activity can be used along side the full size posters or small I See Cards. Hide the cards or posters around your house or classroom and send your preschooler on a dinosaur shape hunt. They can check off each shape they come across on their hunt.

Keep a clip board and dry eraser marker handy, and next time you are out on a nature walk or driving in the car let your child hunt for shapes in the real world!

There are two different levels of the I Spy Game for a super easy way to differentiate the shape math activity.

Other Hands On Playful Ways To Practice Shapes:

  • Have your child create their own drawing of a shape dinosaur, creature, or shape monster using a shape of their choice.
  • Make a shape collage. Find pictures of objects in magazines that are all a certain shape, cut them out, and glue them onto a piece of card stock or poster board.
  • Use a salt tray to practice drawing and creating shapes.
  • Take your shape posters outside and practice building shapes in nature using sticks, leaves, rocks, and flowers.

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– Life Over C's Free Dinosaur 2D Shape Posters
– Life Over C's 2D shape posters for preschool Dinosaur Theme
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