Teachers know it is absolutely key to incorporate holiday themed learning throughout the month of December. Otherwise, we lose our students to Santa Claus, gifts, ornaments, and frosted cookies! This expanded form Christmas tree is a great way to practice writing numbers in standard form and then converting them to expanded form, without leaving the season far behind.

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Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Expanded Form Christmas Tree:

  • Construction Paper
  • Marker

Expanded Form Math Christmas Activity requires some preparation of paper strips, or you can have the students do their own cutting. The activity is easily differentiated, because you can choose numbers based on individual skill levels. Put on some holiday tunes, grab your scissors and markers, and let’s learn math!

This expanded form math Christmas activity is fun for math concepts this holiday.

To prepare:

  1. Cut green paper strips that measure 1/4 inch by 4 inches.  Students that are ready for the task could cut and measure their own strips.
  2. Cut one long strip of brown paper for the tree trunk (approximately 6 inches by 1 inch).
  3. Use the red paper to cut many small squares for the packages.
  4. Create bows for the packages with other colors.

You can easily involve the students in the project preparations, or simply have it ready to go for them. Following step-by-step directions and cutting are both valuable skills in themselves.

Explore expanded form math Christmas activity with this tree and gift activity.

Expanded Notation Form Math Christmas Activity

Breaking down numbers into their expanded form helps children understand the value of each digit. A good understanding of place value helps students solve problems and understand operations better as they learn more advanced math concepts.

Begin this activity by writing one number on each gift. You can give your students a list of numbers, or ask them to create their own 2- or 3-digit numbers.

Kids will love this expanded form math Christmas activity!

Next, students should write the numbers in expanded form addition on the green strips.

Explore expanded form math Christmas activity with hands-on math.

Finally, start building the Christmas tree!  Use glue to attach the trunk to a piece of paper.  Match each green strip expanded form number to each gift numeral form number.

Start at the top to create the Christmas tree. Alternate gluing the green strip on the tree with gluing the matching gift under the tree.

Show students how to stagger the top of the strip as they build the Christmas Tree.

Have fun exploring and playing with hands-on math with this expanded form math Christmas activity!

How to Extend the Expanded Form Activity

The versatility of this math project means you can really make it work for ALL of your students!

  • Ask students to also write the numbers in word form
  • Practice reading the expanded form numbers aloud
  • Ask students to find the sum of each digit and then compare/contrast with the expanded form version
  • Challenge students with 4-digit numbers (5,000 + 800 + 20 + 1)

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