FREE Expanded Form Printable Christmas Pack

As we’ve worked our way through the 1st grade we’ve been working hard at learning place value and numbers up to 999. I created this free expanded form printable Christmas pack to give Jaida a fun way to practice her place value skills. She loves math and really loves to play games, so we had a lot of fun with this!

christmas math cards

How to prepare the Free Expanded Form Printable for Christmas:

Print pages 2 and 3 on scrapbook paper, so that the kids can’t see through the back of the cards. These are two memory games.

Print page 4 (If you print 9 copies, you can create numbers up to 999.)

Print page 5

christmas math memory

Laminate all the pages for durability if desired. I usually choose to laminate everything that my kids will be using more than once.

To play the memory games, match the expanded form cards to the numerical form cards.

To use the base-ten manipulatives, use the cards from page 5. Choose one of the cards and have the kids create the numbers using the base-ten printables. They can lay them out on the floor or put them on a sticky wall.

christmas theme expanded form matching game math center partners

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