Give students to practice using expanded form and standard form to record numbers in this fun partner or small group game. Students will compose numbers from 1,111-9,999 using expanded form and then convert those numbers into standard form.



-Give each player a write and wipe board (one of the laminated recording boards).

-Select the first player. Place a marker on the “Start” space.

-The first player will spin all the spinners one at a time. Then, he will write the numbers that have been spun in expanded form in the spaces on the top level of his write and wipe board. Next, he will write the number in standard form in the bottom level of his write and wipe board.

-If the numbers are written correctly, the player moves forward the number of spaces shown on the unit place spinner.

-The game continues to the next player.

-The winner is the first to make it onto the “End” space.


Player spins:

1,000, 300, 50, and 8

-This player will move ahead 8 spaces.

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expanded form spinner game for second grade
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