Easy Pinecone Owl Craft for Kids

Whoooooo loves owls? I really enjoy making pinecone crafts and owls are perfect for this! This Easy Pinecone Owl Craft for Kids is such a fun craft! Whooooo doesn’t love an easy pinecone craft for kids using natural craft materials?

Pinecone Owl Craft for kids.

Since pinecones are usually found during the fall season, that’s the best time to complete this activity. You can even go on a nature walk with your students to hunt for them!

But don’t worry, if you’re unable to discover pinecones in the great outdoors, you can purchase them at your local craft store.

Once you get the necessary supplies, this preschool nature craft is adorable!

Kids love being creative with outdoor materials such as acorns, pinecones, and rocks. Crafting with natural objects like pinecones is a fabulous way to teach your students about the world they live in.

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What are crafts with pinecones?

There are many craft ideas with natural materials. Students can create many different things using pinecones. They can also be used for sensory bins as a means to help your students learn more about the natural world. The best part is that they can be found in our natural environment and they are free! Kids will LOVE going on a pinecone hunt!

How do I prepare the pinecones for crafting?

The best way to clean pinecones for crafting is to get a large bowl and soak them in ½ cup or more of vinegar and water. Allow them to soak for 30 minutes but keep an eye on them because if they soak too long, they will close up! Make sure to leave them out for a bit to make sure they are dry prior to starting your pinecone craft.

What skills can my preschooler acquire from creating pinecone owls?

Crafting is essential to development of the whole child. Not only is it fun but several skills are acquired while crafting.

Your child will enjoy creating this simple pinecone owl because it builds self esteem. As your child creates the owl, he she will feel a sense of pride with the task. Keep in mind, their owl won’t be perfect, but make sure you celebrate all creativity and independence!

Listening skills as well as following directions are essential skills. Your young learner will need to participate in active listening while creating their critter! Each step requires strong listening skills.

Fine motor skills are also developed while creating this owl. Your child will practice scissor skills as well as drawing and folding!

How to Make Pinecone Owls

Pinecone Owl Craft for kids.

Gather up the list of craft supplies below. You may want to print out the pinecone owl craft instructions as a reference guide as you work on the project.

Supplies needed for making a pinecone owl craft.

Supplies: Each supply will be necessary for one pinecone owl.

  • Pinecones (dry and free of bugs)
  • Cotton balls (about 5 for each pinecone, depending on the size of the pinecone)
  • 2 (9×12) sheets felt in coordinating colors for wings
  • 2 googly eyes (for each pinecone)
  • Quick-dry tacky glue or hot glue and a glue gun
  • 2 tan chenille stems (pipe cleaners)
  • ½ yellow or orange chenille stem (pipe cleaners)
  • Ink pen or marker
  • Scissors
All the pieces needed to make pinecone owls.


  • Tear cotton balls into small pieces.
  • Stuff the pieces in between the layers of the pinecone.
Hand holding small white fluff material next to a pinecone.
  • Once the pinecone is “stuffed”, set it aside to start the next step.
  • Cut each tan pipe cleaner into 3 equal segments.
  • Bend the bottom of each cut pipe cleaner and twist unbent ends together to create the owl’s talons. (3 segments create one foot)
Small owl foot made from a pipe cleaner held in an adult's hand.
  • Glue the talons to the bottom of the pinecone to create feet for your owl.
Gluing feet onto the bottom of a pinecone owl.
  • Glue googly eyes next to each other on one sheet of felt. Draw an hourglass shape (it kind of looks like a sideways 8) encompassing both eyes
Making eyes for a pinecone owl.
  • Cut along the lines to cut out the eyes. Allow to dry.
  • Using the same piece of felt, draw a teardrop shape slightly shorter than the height of the pinecone. Fold the felt in half and cut both wings out at the same time.
Tracing the wing shape for making an owl craft for kids.
  • Place one of the teardrops on the coordinating piece of felt . Outline a slightly larger teardrop . Fold the felt in half and cut out the 2 teardrop shapes.
  • Glue the smaller teardrops onto the larger teardrops and set aside. Your wings are now ready!
  • Use the half orange or yellow pipe cleaner that you have to create a beak. Fold it in half and then half again. Form it into a triangular beak shape
  • Once the glue is dry, it is time to assemble your owl!
  • Glue the eyes, wings, beak and talons onto your owl. Leave it out to dry!

What can I do with my owl pinecone?

A pinecone owl craft from the side.
  • Learn about owls! Read and discuss fiction and non-fiction books about owls
  • Use the owl to promote creative writing. Give your student a sentence starter. For example, “My owl lives…. “
  • Have your student describe to a friend or family member the steps involved in creating the owl.
  • Research pinecones. They are fascinating!
  • Have your preschooler name his/her owl. Sound out and write the name together.
  • Have fun!

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Pinecone Owl Craft for kids.
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