Where we live, October means the weather is starting to cool down, the corn fields have been harvested, and leaves are changing to rich red and gold. In my mind, fall practically begs for an indoor day with a pot of simmering chili, apple crisp, and scarecrow crafts with the kids. Here’s a fun Cut-and-Paste Scarecrow Craft template with a free printable cut out scarecrow craft template to add to your must-dos kids crafts this fall.

– Life Over C's Scarecrow free printable template shown completed

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Scarecrow Cut and Paste Template Craft

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Colors

This fun scarecrow craft for preschool can get kids and adults in the spirit for some fall fun!

Learning About Fall

printable scarecrow craft template


  • What type of clothes should I wear outside today?
  • Why are the leaves changing colors?
  • Why is it getting cooler in the fall?

This is another great opportunity for our students to learn about seasons and compare and contrast how the four times of the year are the same and different.

Students can create this adorable scarecrow printable craft to celebrate an upcoming spooky holiday, a scarecrow theme, or even discussing parts of your body.

In addition to learning about the fall season here are some more ideas for what you can teach about using the free printable scarecrow template:

  • Why would farmers need scarecrows?
  • What kind of crops would a scarecrow be protecting?
  • What similar body parts does a scarecrow have that we have?
  • Describe to me how you would make your own scarecrow.

Why Is It Important For Kids To Make Crafts and Projects?

Besides the fact that kids love arts and crafts projects, there are so many other reasons you should create the preschool paper scarecrow craft your child.

Let’s Get Creative

Arts and crafts projects are a wonderful way to allow your child to show off their creative side. The preschool scarecrow craft can show off personalization and spunky characteristics.

Be a Problem Solver

Children will have to problem solve in order to determine where they want to put the scarecrow’s specific body parts. Do the legs go up here by the belly? Does his hat go on his head or under his head? The diy scarecrow craft for kindergarten helps our kiddos solve problems by trial and error.

Fine Motor Mania

The cut and paste scarecrow template helps children work on fine motor skills by cutting, pinching, grasping, and gluing.

Lots of Language

Children will practice using different vocabulary and descriptive words when creating their scarecrow paper craft. Be sure to ask lots of open ended questions.

To Prep

Download and print (on white card stock) the Scarecrow Craft Template. The template is black and white, so no need to worry about printing in color.

– Life Over C's Free printable scarecrow craft template printed out

How To Use the Scarecrow Preschool Craft Template

Paint or color the scarecrow printable pattern pieces. My kids are often asking to paint, so we usually paint our printable template crafts. Washable tempera paint in fall colors, like dark brown and yellow, is our go-to choice for autumn crafts.

– Life Over C's This free printable scarecrow template is a great addition to your fall theme!

Depending on the look you desire, cut on the outside or inside of each shape’s black outline. Since this scarecrow cut out for kids includes several small or intricate pieces, younger kids may need help with this step.

Cutting construction paper is also a great fine motor activity for kids. So, if you would prefer, you can print the scarecrow templates onto construction paper and then have the kids build a scarecrow after they cut out the pieces.

– Life Over C's free printable scarecrow template pieces colored and cut out

Assemble scarecrow puppets with glue, beginning with the larger main pieces: head, hat, shirt, pants.

– Life Over C's This free printable scarecrow template is a great addition to your fall theme!

Next, add the scarecrow’s embellishments to give it some character! I included several pieces in the printable scarecrow template so kids can decorate to their imagination’s content. Some will want to go all out, while others may keep it simple. Your scarecrow craft ideas are endless! The fun part of these preschool scarecrow printables is there is no right way to assemble them and it’s super easy.

– Life Over C's Completed scarecrow paper craft

Cut the “wood stick” template piece into one long and two short sections. No worries about them being exact.

– Life Over C's This free printable scarecrow template is a great addition to your fall theme!

Place a little glue on the pieces of “straw” and tuck the pieces under the hat, sleeves, pant legs (or wherever you wish). Place the short “stick” pieces under each arm, and the long one between the legs to make your scarecrow appear to be hanging on a wooden post. You kiddo can even add some craft sticks if they feel so inclined.

– Life Over C's This free printable scarecrow template is a great addition to your fall theme!

Use a black or brown marker to add eyes, mouth, or any other details you’d like. Mount on a piece of card stock, and display your festive fall scarecrow craft. Perfect for your fall activities!

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– Life Over C's Scarecrow free printable template shown completed
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