Fall Word Work: FREE CVC Word Building Printable

Do you remember our squirrel story from Wednesday? Well, it and the fact that my first grader is completely obsessed with squirrels right now were the inspirations behind this free CVC Word Building Printable for your fall word work.

free printable CVC Word activity

Jaida has decided that her ultimate goal in life, as much as 6 year olds have goals, is to catch a squirrel. I have properly warned her, a million times or so, that she should in no case ever touch a squirrel, but her determination remains. I have told her about the time, long, long ago that  her uncle getting bit by a squirrel, which he thought was dead, and subsequently having to go through a series of rabies shots, but she is not deterred.

She has built them nests. Set out piles of acorns (from the neighbor’s mailbox…) And currently has some special concoction set out in the backyard with the hopes of luring them to stick their hand in a water bottle for an acorn.

She has plans.

I hoping that her love for squirrels will transfer into a love for reading, so this fall word work activity is specially designed with her in mind. I would not be shocked if other squirrel activities are designed over the next few weeks, just for her.

Just like my CVC Word Building Apple Tree, this squirrel word work printable is super easy to print and put together. Of course, like always, I recommend laminating for durability because I’m sure this activity will get lots of attention.You can choose to use the picture cards with the words included for easy matching or you can choose the cards without the words so that the students have to rely completely on sounding out the words as they search for the correct letters.

I have even included a black and white version for those who cannot use colored ink.

fall squirrel cvc words word building mat for kindergarten word work centers

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  1. Love this idea! This would be great with a winter and spring theme, as well. Would love to use this in my Pre-k classroom as they begin to read and spell this year!

    1. A winter theme is in my plans already and I’m sure I’ll think of a spring theme by the time it comes around, so make sure you are following, so that you can get the downloads!