Quick! Think of five nouns related to fall…If apples, leaves, pumpkins, corn or pine cones made your list, you’re definitely thinking like me! This fall themed preschool board game is a perfect seasonal opportunity to teach our preschoolers about taking turns, losing (and winning) gracefully, and following the rules of the game. All while celebrating the season!

Printable board game for preschoolers with a fall theme.

Recommended Grade Level:

Fall Board Game Supplies:

  • Printable Game Board
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Scissors
  • Differentiated Instruction Cube or Dice

The Free Printable Fall Theme Preschool Board Game easily complements your autumn activities lesson plans without a hitch. Just print, slide into a plastic protector, and play! You could use it at a fall party, during circle time, or just as a fun game to reinforce fall vocabulary. Download the FREE printable today to get started.

Preschool Board Games: More than Just Fun

It’s important for parents and early childhood educators to understand the importance of fitting games into preschool activities and theme learning. Yes, we are trying to lure our youngest learners into a world of learning. Yes, we do it with hands-on, engaging preschool and toddler activities.

But we do it with intention. Board and party games teach a variety of life skills to kids in a meaningful way.

  • Language
  • Focus
  • Teamwork
  • Coping skills
  • Cooperation
  • Sportsmanship
  • Math skills
  • Fine motor development

As you plan fall harvest party games for preschoolers, keep these important foundational skills in mind. Not only are young children having fun and learning about the season, but they are also acquiring priceless life skills.

How to Use the Fall Theme Preschool Board Game

The fall preschool board game includes a printable game board, a ready-to-assemble die, and an optional page with larger images of the game board pictures.

Printable fall board game for preschoolers.
  • Print the game board (Page 1) on card stock and laminate for durability. Other options include printing on regular paper or inserting into a plastic sleeve. The more protected the paper, the more durable/reusable your game will be.
Printable board game for preschoolers with a fall theme.
  • Print the die (Page 2) on card stock (optional) and laminate for durability. TIP: It’s easier to fold regular weight laminated paper into the die shape.
  • Fold the die on the dark fold lines and glue/staple together using the provided tabs.
Hand holding a fall themed paper dice for a printable board game.
  • Print extra images (Page 3). This page is optional. You could use it to help children find the image that they rolled, or to keep track of images rolled by creating a graph with tally marks below each image.

*You will need to find game markers for children. Consider mini erasers shaped like fall leaves, pumpkins, apples, etc., or perhaps candy corn, acorns, or beads.

Moving pieces on a fall game for preschoolers.

Adaptations for the Fall Theme Game

Fall themed preschool board game ideas can easily be adapted. As you plan your fall crafts and other theme activities, consider all the ways this game might be adapted for toddlers, preschoolers or party guests.

Promote a fall theme in the sensory bin with dried corn, mini pumpkins, leaves, apples, pine cones, or acorns.

Make sight word cards for each image included in the game for learners that are ready to pair words with images.

Teach children the process: roll/move/find the image, partner’s turn. It’s okay to focus solely on that with our youngest learners, as opposed to worrying about actually moving the piece to the correct spot.

Consider playing the game as a class during circle time. Maybe each student gets a roll to see how close to the finish line you can get. Incorporate word cards for images landed on. Or, use number cards to count the number of hops from one roll to the next.

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fall theme printable preschool game with printable dice and board game

Get the Activity Here

Download the preschool STEM activity for pumpkins here
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