I absolutely adore my three-year olds obsession with farm animals. She loves all pigs, ducks, and moos. Understandably ‘cow’ is probably a difficult word to pronounce with her speech problems. And ‘moo’ is just so much more fun to say! Today #PlayfulPreschool is all about farm animals, so I’ve got a simple sensory bin for you to practice counting and sorting with your preschooler.

Farm Animals Counting and Sorting Sensory Bin

Farm Animal Counting and Sorting Sensory Bin

This was really simple to put together. Jaida, my 6 year old, and I dyed the rice and pasta early in the afternoon and set them outside to dry. Once they were dry we lined the bottom of the box with the ‘dirt’ aka brown rice. And we made rows of food in the ‘field’. Then added the pearl barley to the sides just for fun.

preschooler Counting and sorting farm animals in a sensory bin

Of course, Jaida is in 1st grade, but she loves helping to put the bins together. Probably because she knows that after my 3 year old is done she will have full-reign over the box. 

With my preschooler, we used the lines in the field to act as separators as we sorted the different kinds of animals. The figurine set we have contains a lot more animal options, but Shiloh isn’t ready for that big of a challenge. I picked out her four favorite kinds of animals. You could include more if your child is ready for that.

We worked on pointing to the farm animals and counting. Like I mentioned a in our apple counting activity, I do most of the counting for her and allow her to mimic. She still loves to say, “free, two, five,” but she does throw in a ‘one’ every now and then.

My older girls really like working with her because they want her to be successful and learn to communicate with us, so my two oldest girls helped out with the activity. After we sorted out the animals, the girls would call out an animal name and Shiloh would point to it.

My daughter isn’t ready for it, but these are some other ideas that would be great to complement what we did:

Count out the number of animals and then compare which have more or less.

Discuss the different colors of the animals.

Compare the sizes of the different animals. This would be especially great if you have multiple sets of farm figurines.

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