Preschool Farm Animals Color Posters and I Spy Color Game

Quack, quack, neigh! These farm color posters are a-dor-a-ble! Did I stress that enough? If you teach a farm animal theme in preschool, these Preschool Farm Animals Color Posters and I Spy Color Game are a must. Just print and go for awesome classroom posters AND an interactive game!

Free Farm Theme Color Posters Printable

Exploring colors in preschool is obviously crucial. And you can do it in so many ways! These preschool classroom posters feature nine different colors and farm-themed items, labeled in English and Spanish!

The full page printable preschool posters include: Yellow (amarillo) bird, white (blanco) duck, blue (azul) pond, red (rojo) barn, pink (rosado) pig, orange (anaranjado) cat, green (verde) tractor, brown (marron) horse, and a gray (gris) goat.

I’ve also included two versions of the farm animals posters. One displays the English word first, while the other highlights the Spanish color word first.

Wait, there’s more! Finally, you may enjoy playing I Spy to teach colors with printable cards to hide around the room. This fun learning activity also includes cards and game boards in both English and Spanish.

Color Recognition Activities for Preschoolers

Learning colors is a natural topic for toddlers and preschoolers. We can incorporate it into all learning, from dramatic play to sensory play. Color activities for preschool should be meaningful and hands-on.

Overhead view of the printed out Preschool Farm Animals Color Posters.

Color activities for kids might include:

  • Color sorting activities
    • Students can find hidden objects (blocks, pom poms, buttons, etc.) in the sensory bin, then sort them into buckets by color. Similarly, you might place different colored objects into a busy bag for children to play with on car rides or while waiting at a restaurant.
  • Color code the pretend play area when possible by grouping items of the same color, or asking children to color match as many items as possible.
  • Clip cards provide fine motor skill development while working on colors.
  • Incorporate colors into virtually any preschool theme by simply pointing out colors, naming them, labeling them, and talking about them!

How to Use the Fun Farm Color Posters

Teaching farm animals to preschoolers, or color recognition for preschoolers, is easy with these printables! I’ve done the work for you, so just print, protect, and go!

A farm theme color poster with a tractor on it for the color green.

Use the posters on a bulletin board, or during circle time.

A child pointing at a farm color poster with a pig on it for the color pink.

Place the I Spy cards around the room for students to find when they finish work early. They will need the coloring page to color each space as they find it.

A child coloring a red barn on an

Create sets of farm animal flashcards for preschoolers to take home for extra practice.

Use the posters as an opportunity to teach Spanish words to English-speaking students, or vice versa!

A farm theme color poster of a barn for the color red in both English and Spanish.

Use the full-page printouts as mats in a color sorting activity.

More Farm Animal Activities for Preschool

Preschool farm-themed activities can extend far and wide! Here are just a few ideas that include multiple curricular areas.

  • Create farm animal shapes from pattern blocks
  • Make/extend “fence” patterns with colored craft sticks
  • Use farm-themed shapes/animals as number cards for children to put in sequence
  • Practice subtraction by “Shearing the Sheep,” ie., removing cotton balls with tweezers
  • Build a barn with toothpicks and marshmallows, or straws, or craft sticks
  • Read farm-themed stories: “Pete the Cat: Old Macdonald Had a Farm,” by James Dean, “Pigs,” by Gail Gibbons, or “No Sleep for the Sheep!” by Karen Beaumont.

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farm theme color posters for preschool

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