Fall is officially my FAVORITE season! I love the chilly weather, the sweet smell of apple cider donuts, and the gorgeous pumpkin colored leaves that blanket my backyard. My kids also love all things fall (especially the yummy food part). As a way to get in the harvest spirit, I have created a I Spy game that helps with visual discrimination and includes adorable fall pictures that children will love!

Fall I Spy games for kids

Learning About I Spy Games For Kids:



  • Where did I last see that picture?
  • What colors are in the picture?
  • What object is similar to the one I’m looking for?

It’s important for children to practice visual discrimination activities, like I Spy preschool games, in order to build working memory and oral language skills.

The great thing about these I Spy game printables is that the download comes with many different games boards so that each game is different.

The fall objects included in this eye treasure hunt include apples, pie, trees, corn cobs, cupcakes, pumpkins, sunflowers, and so many more adorable harvest images.

How do you fit this special project into your day?

In addition to learning about memory skills here are some more ideas for what you can teach about using the I Spy fall printables:

  • Similarities and differences
  • Vocabulary words
  • Positional words and direction
  • Counting and less/more
Fall I Spy Flip game boards for I Spy games

What Can Preschoolers Learn Playing The I Spy Board Game?

i spy pages


  • Was that picture at the top of the page or the bottom?
  • Are there more pumpkins or apples?
  • How can I best remember where this object is?
Fall theme I Spy game with I Spy image cards for kids

Why Is It Important For Kids To Play I Spy Picture Games ?

Besides the fact that kids love treasure hunts there are so many other reasons you should play fun games for kids.

Develop a Child’s Focus

In order for children to be successful in finding matches, they must practice focusing on visual information and where objects are. They need to concentrate on how to find them again.

Improving Short Term Memory

Processing data quickly is a product of short term memory. Practicing using your short term memory can also help strengthen long term memory and the ability to recall information at a later time.

Develop Visual Recognition

Children are using visuals and characteristics to quickly find a specific object. They will have to recognize colors, shapes and other distinctive features to locate the picture. This is a great activity for older kids and younger kids.

Cognitive Sorting

A child’s brain needs to be able to sort the information of the objects they are seeing in order to narrow down where the specific object is. If the child flips a card with a crab on it, they must quickly sort which pictures are the color red.

Building Vocabulary

The game I Spy can introduce children to new words, topics, and ideas. Share new vocabulary with your kiddos to build upon their oral language and inner word bank.

Practicing Problem Solving

Playing I Spy type of games with your child can help build thinking and problem solving skills. Students can use working memory to problem solve where their object may be located based on previous attempts.

Build Relationships With Peers

Children will gain social skills by taking turns, being patient, and practicing sportsmanship. Playing games with friends also encourages sharing and positive interactions.

Developing Math Skills

I Spy can help children develop math skills such as counting, sorting similar attributes (more/less), and graphing data from the game.

I Spy fall board game and I spy image cards

Tools you’ll need

Fellowes laminator
Nuova laminating pouches set of 200 3 mil sheets
12 inch paper trimmer

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Don’t worry about making a special trip to the store. You can get all the supplies for this activity right here. Click the pictures above to get what you need.

“My multi-aged group loved this even more than I thought they would! “

My kiddos love this! I use it for early finishers or in the morning while they are staggering in during breakfast. They are very engaged and enjoy playing!

How To Use This I Spy Flip Game

How to Use the Activity

  • Enter your email below and then check your email to get the activity.
  • Print and laminate the activity for durability on cardstock or thick paper.
  • Cut apart the game cards and token cards.

Using the Fall I Spy Printable

Add the printable I Spy Fall Flip game to your literacy center or use with a small group of students. Kids can use these to practice visual discrimination skills and problem solving,

Once the game boards are laminated, there a many learning activities you can use them for, including using dry erase markers.

I Spy
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Sorting Cards

Use the image cards to practice sorting colors, shapes, living vs. nonliving, and food or drinks.

Challenging Words

Create word cards to challenge students with identifying the image with the corresponding word.

Creative Storytelling

Give your child the image cards from the I Spy Fall game and have them create a story using the pictures. This can help accomplish speech and language goals.

Graphing Fall Pictures

Have your children use the fall pictures to sort and graph similar objects. For example, sort between apples, pumpkins, and cupcakes. Which has the most? Which has the least?

Tell a Story

Use the game cards to tell a story involving tasty fall treats, harvest activities, and any other ideas your creative kid can think of.

Sensory Bin

Going along with the fall theme, incorporate this Fall Color Sensory Bin before or after playing the I Spy game.

I Spy Game

Use the I Spy pages to play traditional I Spy. Start the game with “I Spy with my little eye…” and engage the children with verbal cues to find the matching picture.

Extend the I Spy Activity

Use the I Spy activity for kids with books about fall to locate the I Spy pictures.

Get I Spy Free Printables

In addition to our I Spy “Flip” Game series, we have 20+ I Spy Free Printables on Life Over C.s Get I Spy Worksheets, posters and games here.

Fall I Spy Flip board game, I Spy image cards and game winning tokens

Summer I Spy “Flip” Board Game Set

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Non-stop FUN!

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