Love is in the air, glitter is covering the floor, and red and white pom poms are scattered all over the table… Valentine’s Day is near! Mix and match these Valentine Day Math Worksheets for Preschoolers for some fun heart themed math activities for kids. These cute love bug themed math counting worksheets for preschool will have your kids practicing their math skills in an engaging and interactive way, with activities they will love.

Kids will love practicing their math skills with these fun preschool valentine’s day math activities. The adorable love bug theme is sure to put a smile on their faces!

– Life Over C's Photo showing a box of crayons and some of the activities in the lovebug math activity pack.

Recommended Grade Level:

Lovebug Math Activity Pack Supplies:

  • Cardstock Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Dry Erase Markers

Math Skills To Be Practiced With These Worksheets:

These math worksheets provide practice for the following math skills:

How To Use These Free Printable Preschool Math Worksheets:

This pack of Valentine’s Day worksheets for preschoolers comes with five different activities to choose from. You can prepare them all at the same time and then they will be ready whenever you need a quick and fun activity!

To prepare these worksheets, print them onto white card stock. Laminate them (if you want them to be reuseable) and cut out all of the pieces.

Organize them into zip lock baggies according to activity and label them. You will be set and ready to go with these low-prep printable Valentine’s Day math center activities!

– Life Over C's The lovebug valentine's day math worksheets printable printed out.

Follow the instructions below for each game:

Tic Tac Toe:

Two players are needed for this game. Each player picks a color heart (blue or red).

Take turns placing hearts onto the game board until one player has achieved three in a row!

This is a great fine motor Valentine’s Day preschool activity since it requires little ones to use their fine motor skills to pick up tiny hearts and meticulously place them onto a game board.

Another variation of this game is using a dry erase marker on the board instead of the hearts.

Velcro can also be placed on the back of the hearts and on the game board to help the pieces stick to the board as children are playing.

– Life Over C's A child completing a ladybug tic tac toe lovebug activity worksheet.

Lovebug Coloring:

This Valentine’s Day themed coloring activity is a fun twist on a color by number activity.

Little ones will love practicing number recognition and counting skills as they color in the number of hearts indicated.

Use heart shaped stickers or dot stampers for a fun alternative! If you choose to laminate the activity, children can use colored dry erase markers to color in the hearts.

Helpful hint: If your child cannot read the color words, help them by highlighting the color word with the corresponding color, or circle it with a crayon in the same color.

– Life Over C's A child completing a lovebug numbers coloring sheet.

Lovebug Dots:

Use stickers, finger prints, counters, or a crayon to color the number of circles on the love bug.

This can be a great Valentine’s Day printable activity for talking about addition or learning about even and odd numbers.

Lovebug Counting:

Count the number of love bugs and write the number in the box below.

For extra fine motor practice use counters or color in the bugs as you count them.

Lovebug Sequencing:

Using scissors and glue is another great fine motor activity that can be practiced with this preschool math worksheet free resource.

Cut out the numbers at the bottom of the worksheet and paste them into the correct boxes on the chart. Color in the numbers when you are finished for a beautiful valentines number display.

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– Life Over C's Photo showing a box of crayons and some of the activities in the lovebug math activity pack.
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