Do you remember catching butterflies as a child?

As one of our favorite spring time activities, we have enjoyed this Butterfly Catching Roll and Count simple math activity. Kids love practicing number recognition, writing numbers and counting with this butterfly math game.

Free printable butterfly roll and count math game for preschool. Roll dice and count butterflies.

Recommended Grade Level:

Butterfly Roll and Count Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Dice
  • Butterfly Manipulatives
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Laminating Supplies

One of my favorite science projects was my butterfly collection. Once I got past the whole “killing butterflies for science” thing, it was very interesting to see how many different varieties I could find in my small town. My aunt would drive me all over town to the different parks to see what we could find.

My daughters love watching the butterflies in our yard and we work hard to create a garden that is welcoming to them. We’ve also had a lot of fun raising caterpillars and learning about the butterfly life cycle.

Butterfly Math Roll and Count Game

We may call this butterfly math activity simple, yet the benefits are far from it. Children will be able to explore many parts of each number that is rolled. This includes recognizing, writing and counting.

catch butterflies with this simple, low-prep printable math game for preschoolers. Roll a die and count the correct number of butterflies.

We love roll and count activities for many reasons but one in particular is the element of surprise. The activity is never the same twice. Each roll brings on a different number and new exploration. This low prep activity is so much fun, especially when we use our giant foam dice. The way they go tumbling across the table is beyond exciting for kids! The foam dice are also quieter. This is especially important when there are many kids playing.

free butterfly counting game for kindergarteners. Perfect for a spring math center.

We like using the dry erase pockets. They are much easier and more cost effective in the long run than laminating. Although we still laminate sometimes. When I KNOW my daughter is going to be obsessed with an activity I will laminate it, so it’s always ready to go for her. These dry erase pouches are a fabulous alternative though.

Use dice to work on number identification with this free printable kindergarten math game for spring.

This simple printable math game for kindergarten or preschool is a great addition to a spring theme or when you are learning about life cycles.

We have some fun butterfly activities to pair up with this math activity, that will make for a great butterfly unit. So, be sure to check out our big collection of Butterfly Theme activities below.

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