We’re working on counting to 5 today with the #TeachECE team. We have a great set of activities lined up to help your preschoolers learn their numbers from 0-5. I have a free counting to 5 game for you with a fun construction theme. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom to see the other great activities from the team.

construction theme counting to five board game for preschoolers


This game is super easy to prepare!

Print the game board on paper or card stock. Then print the 2 pages of cards on the white side of scrapbook paper (so they aren’t see-through.)

Then laminate all the pieces for durability and cut out the cards.


Place your marker on the “Start” map. Place all the cards upside-down on the “Card Draw Pile”.

Choose a player to go first.

The player will draw a card from the pile and read the number or count the objects on the card. Then the player will move his game marker to the next space that matches that number.

If a player lands on a space with an arrow, he will follow the arrow to the new space.

If a “construction zone” card is drawn the player will head to the closest construction zone space, even if it is behind him.

To win by landing on the last 5, a player MUST draw a card whose answer is 5 from the pile.

Other uses for the cards:

  • Sort the cards by matching the numbers
  • Put each type of card in numerical order
  • Play “memory” by using two sets of 1-5 cards (example: dice and trucks)
  • Play a game of “Go Fish”. The cards are perfectly sized for little hands!
  • Lay out a set of 1-5 cards. Remove one and have your child determine which one is missing.
  • Start talking about ‘less’ and ‘more’. Show your child that the cards with ‘1’ have less than the cards with ‘5’.

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construction theme counting to five board game for preschoolers
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