I Spy is hands-down my kids’ favorite game. I love playing it with my 5-year-old even though she has no idea how she is supposed to do it. She loves to tell me “I spy a tree. Look!” And she never gets bored of using a magnifying glass to explore the world. We’ve used that love for lots of I Spy games, so I thought she would enjoy these detective I Spy Valentine Cards to give to her friends at Pre-K.

Free printable detective Valentine's Day Cards for kids.

Whether it is playing detective with her older sisters or endless games of I Spy, Shiloh’s curiosity and desire to explore the world around her makes me so happy!

Having gone from less than 10 words when she was 3 years old, to being a silly jabber box who is getting ready to turn 6, I am thrilled to help her communicate through games like these. And one day when she starts identifying all of her colors correctly, I will LOVE playing a real game of I Spy with her!

Until then, I’m just as happy with her telling me everything that she “spies”.

If you have a child who loves playing detective or just loves to explore the world close-up, she will love these magnifying glass I Spy Valentines.

Oriental Trading Company sent us these little magnifying glasses and they fit perfectly into the Valentine Cards for a great gift for the kids to share on Valentines Day or for you to give to your little detective.

Close up of magnifying glass for Valentine's Day I Spy Cards for kids.

More I Spy Activities to Include with the I Spy Valentine Cards:

So, make your little detective happy this Valentine’s Day and print out these free I Spy Valentine Cards for her to pass out to her friends!

To make the cards: 

Print them out on the white side of some Valentine-themed scrapbook paper for a fun backing or on white card stock to make them a little more sturdy.

I used my Fiskars paper cutter to cut the slots for the magnifying glasses to fit in.

After inserting the magnifying glass into the card, attach a small piece of tape to the back to hold the magnifying glass in place, so that your child doesn’t lose them on the way to school.

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Once your child’s creativity is sparked with this fun activity, take it a step further with these engaging resources:

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detective theme I Spy a Super Friend Valentine Cards for kids
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