I Spy is hands-down my kids’ favorite game. I love playing it with my 5-year-old even though she has no idea how she is supposed to do it. She loves to tell me “I spy a tree. Look!” And she never gets bored of using a magnifying glass to explore the world. We’ve used that love for lots of I Spy games, so I thought she would enjoy these detective I Spy Valentine Cards to give to her friends at Pre-K.

Free printable detective Valentine's Day Cards for kids.

Recommended Grade Level:

Printable Valentine Card Supplies:

  • Cardstock
  • Mini Magnifying Glasses
  • Scissors
  • Valentine’s Themed Scrapbook Paper

Whether it is playing detective with her older sisters or endless games of I Spy, Shiloh’s curiosity and desire to explore the world around her makes me so happy!

Having gone from less than 10 words when she was 3 years old, to being a silly jabber box who is getting ready to turn 6, I am thrilled to help her communicate through games like these. And one day when she starts identifying all of her colors correctly, I will LOVE playing a real game of I Spy with her!

Until then, I’m just as happy with her telling me everything that she “spies”.

If you have a child who loves playing detective or just loves to explore the world close-up, she will love these magnifying glass I Spy Valentines.

Oriental Trading Company sent us these little magnifying glasses and they fit perfectly into the Valentine Cards for a great gift for the kids to share on Valentines Day or for you to give to your little detective.

Close up of magnifying glass for Valentine's Day I Spy Cards for kids.

More I Spy Activities to Include with the I Spy Valentine Cards:

So, make your little detective happy this Valentine’s Day and print out these free I Spy Valentine Cards for her to pass out to her friends!

To make the cards: 

Print them out on the white side of some Valentine-themed scrapbook paper for a fun backing or on white card stock to make them a little more sturdy.

I used my Fiskars paper cutter to cut the slots for the magnifying glasses to fit in.

After inserting the magnifying glass into the card, attach a small piece of tape to the back to hold the magnifying glass in place, so that your child doesn’t lose them on the way to school.

Find even more engaging activities in the Life Over C’s shop!

detective theme I Spy a Super Friend Valentine Cards for kids
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