Free Printable Heart Patterns for Valentine’s Day

I have a super cute heart pattern free printable for Valentine’s Day to share with you! This pattern set is perfect for older kids, just like the Apple Pattern set from August. The patterns are more complex, so they will be a struggle for a younger learner. Then again, if you practice patterns as much as we do, it might be good for a younger child too!

This fun heart pattern printable for Valentine's Day makes practicing patterns so much fun for an older child.

Materials Needed for the Heart Patterns Free Printable for Valentine’s Day:


Laminating pouches (optional)

Pom poms (optional)

These are very simple to put together and there are directions included in pack.

Valentine's Heart Patterns

Here’s one of the patterns (there are a total of ten.) Cut them out on the dotted lines, which means you will have 3 strips of paper. Tape the ‘tape here’ tab of the first section underneath the first heart on the second section. Then repeat to add the third piece.

heart pattern strips

If you want (I did), you can cut out the small heart pattern at the top and tape it to the back of the pattern strip, so that the student can check her work by flipping the pattern strip over when she’s done.

valentines day pattern activity

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