Hippity hoppity Easter’s on its way! That’s right, spring is coming and with it comes our next widely celebrated holiday. Easter alphabet coloring pages are a perfect way to celebrate Easter in preschool. These FREE Printable Easter Alphabet I Spy mats feature adorable bunny ears and all the letters of the alphabet.

free printable Easter bunny color the letter I Spy coloring page on a pink background

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Easter Alphabet Coloring Pages and I Spy Game

  • Paper
  • Crayons

Grab your copy of Free Printable Letter Color Pages for Easter today! You can print and go, or print and laminate. Either way, your students will love finding Easter alphabet letters in both uppercase and lowercase letters. The free printable coloring pages also include first name and last name spelling practice!

Learning the Alphabet

I can’t think of a better way for toddlers and preschoolers to pass the time while waiting for the Easter Bunny!

Alphabet work in the primary years is really important because it starts building the foundational knowledge necessary to become a reader/writer.

As preschoolers learn and practice oral language, they become familiar with the sounds and words we speak.

As they begin to explore letters, they activate the portion of their brains that makes the connection between our spoken language and our written one.

Printable Letter A and B coloring sheets with an Easter theme.

How to Use the Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages

The Easter coloring pages for preschoolers could not be easier to prep! And you can cater to each of your students’ skills and knowledge by giving them the entire alphabet, or just the portions they are currently working on.

The free printable Easter coloring pages for preschool includes a page for each letter of the alphabet with directions at the bottom, “Color the Aa, etc.” Students must search for both upper and lowercase letters on each page.

Additional bunny coloring pages at the end include the directions, “Color your first name/last name/easter/EASTER.”

First, print the free preschool letter coloring pages. Black and white works, or you can go for the color.

Next, cut the pages in half, if desired. If not, each page will include two letters.

Easter pre-k bundle 35+ pre-k math and literacy activities one easy bundle with an arrow pointing at a collage of the easter preschool activities

Finding the Letter R on a coloring sheet.

Decide how you want to implement the Easter coloring sheet into your classroom. To use at a learning center, laminate the pages or place them into plastic sleeves for protection. Students can pick a page, then hunt for the identified letter(s). They can place an object on the found letter(s), trace it with dry/wet-erase markers, or they can even just use their finger to point/touch the letters.

You can keep it super simple by just printing the pages in black and white, stapling the packet together and distributing to students. They can work at their own pace to find and color the letters.

It’s up to you how to use the printable alphabet coloring pages. You might even send a copy home for extra practice.

Child's hand coloring an Easter themed color the letter sheet with a purple crayon.

More Preschool Alphabet Activities

One of the reasons I love teaching the alphabet to emergent learners in preschool and kindergarten is the versatility. With a little thought, you can incorporate letter names into many themes and educational activities.

  • Scavenger hunt: Hide both uppercase and lowercase letters around the room and challenge students to find them and match them. I like to use large foam letters from a floor mat, but ANY letters will do! (paper, plastic, magnetic, flashcards…)
  • Letter matching activities in the sensory bin: Hide letters in rice, cotton, beans, or any other fill material. Students must find and match the uppercase and lowercase letters. At Easter time, use plastic Easter eggs. Write the uppercase letter on one half and the lowercase letter on the other half so students can attach them as they find matches.
  • Play memory match: Place pairs of letters upside down in a grid and take turns flipping over two cards. Students must name any letter matches in order to keep them.
  • Print more free alphabet coloring pages: We have alphabet printables for a variety of themes! Keep the students engaged all year by switching up the themes.

35+ Easter Math and Literacy Activities

Preschool activities for Easter
Easter theme literacy and math activities for preshcool
Easter preschool math and literacy activities

Included in the Easter Math and Literacy Activities:

  • 2 Sets of Easter Bunny Number Mats (empty ten-frame, filled ten-frame)
  • Easter Basket Beginning Sound Match Up
  • 4 Sets of Easter Clip Cards (color, ten-frame, array, shape)
  • Class Set of Easter BINGO
  • 2 Easter Graphing Dice Games
  • 2 Easter Spinner Graphing Games
  • Line Tracing Cards
  • Easter Line-Up Puzzles for Counting to 5 & 10
  • 4 Easter themed Matching Games (picture, number, alphabet, rhyme)
  • Easter Egg Missing Number Cards
  • 3 Levels of AB Patterns
  • Easter Play Dough Mats
  • 2 Sets of Counting to 10 Puzzles (array, ten-frame)
  • Easter Bunny Shape Puzzles
  • 2 Easter Roll and Count Mats
  • 2 Sets of Sorting Activities (shapes and numbers 1-10)
  • Easter Bunny Sorting Game
  • 5 Spin & Cover Games (1-5, 6-10, shape, picture)
  • Bunny Ten-Frame Cards
  • Easter Tic-Tac-Toe
  • 4 Sets of Tracing Cards (uppercase, lowercase, number, shape)
  • Visual Discernment Clip Cards
  • Trace, Write & Draw the Room
Printable Easter Color the Letter Pages
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