When we teach our children the letters of the alphabet we tell them there are 26 letters to learn. In reality though, we are really asking them to learn 52 different letters if you take into account uppercase and lowercase letters! Free Printable Spin And Stamp Preschool Alphabet Worksheets: Bee Theme are a fun and engaging learning activity that will help kids practice the difference between each uppercase and lowercase letter.

Bee Theme Alphabet Spin and Stamp

Often times uppercase letters and lowercase letters are taught in isolation, but it is important to teach kids both letters side by side so children can learn the letters and what makes them different.

While your child’s brain is working on this free preschool alphabet printable activity, their fine motor skills will also be working as they spin the spinner and use the alphabet stamps and their stamp pad.

A fun bee theme makes this a great activity to go along with your Spring and Summer lesson plans if you are a preschool teacher.

A child using the spinner on the Bee Theme Spin and Stamp Preschool Alphabet Worksheets.

Teach The Alphabet To Preschoolers:

Learning the alphabet is so exciting to preschoolers. After they have mastered the ever so popular ABC song, your child may be looking to start learning how to identify the letters.

The more exposure your child has to letters, the more likely they will be to remember them.

Playful learning activities that are hands on are a wonderful way to practice letters.

Having a print rich environment in your home or classroom is another great way to help your child learn the alphabet.

Keeping lots of alphabet books easily accessible for your child will also help spark your child’s curiosity about letters!

Close up of a child stamping a lowercase

How To Teach The Alphabet To Preschoolers In Fun Ways:

  • Get creative while practicing letters. Use paint, glitter glue, stickers, and colorful markers to draw letters, trace letters, and build letters.
  • Try these fun alphabet coloring pages to help teach letters.
  • Write the letter you are practicing in the sky or on the wall, using your finger or hand to create the letter. This also serves as a good gross motor activity for your child.
  • Build words and practice identifying letters using play dough, magnetic letters, and letter stickers.
  • Practice more letter recognition and tracing with these printable alphabet preschool worksheets (free!!).
Overhead view of the Bee Theme Spin and Stamp Preschool Alphabet Worksheet for the letter

How To Use These Free Printable Preschool Alphabet Worksheets:

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Print the activity onto white card stock or computer paper. You can just print the letter you are currently practicing, but I recommend printing them all at once and keeping them handy for anytime you need a quick, low-prep letter activity!

I normally suggest laminating activities, but since this activity has your child using stamps, you probably won’t want to laminate it.

Line your spinner up so it covers the capital and lower case letter. Have your child spin the spinner.

Once the spinner lands on a letter, your child will pick the stamp letter that matches the capital or lowercase letter and stamp it onto the paper.

Get Our Favorite Alphabet Stamps Here:

You can have them repeat the activity a set number of times (10 or 15- great counting practice!) or just practice until they are ready to move on to another letter or take a break for the day.

Overhead view of a child stamping a lowercase

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Other Ways To Use This Stamp It Alphabet Preschool Printable:

  • Stamp the letters into kinetic sand or play dough using these fun dough stampers.
  • Practice letter sounds! Talk about the sound the letter makes and work together to create a list of words that has the letter as the beginning sound.
  • Use stamps to build sight words or write the letters of your child’s name.
  • Cut letters out of a magazine and paste capital and lowercase letters into the box instead of stamping them.
  • Turn your stamp sheet into a math activity. Count how many of each upper and lowercase letter were stamped. Which had a greater amount? Which had the smaller amount? What was the difference?

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