If you’ve been around here for a little while, you will quickly learn of our obsession for learning and playing with play dough. In fact, we can turn a play session into a learning session without the kids even noticing it! This free ice skating play dough printable for the 31 Days of Free Printables for Hands-On Learning is no exception. While you can most definitely use it for independent play, with a little bit of guidance this can become a fantastic way to work learning into playing.

winter ice skating pretend play printable set

Like I said above, you can use the printable figures for pretend play which is a fantastic form of learning all by itself. Kids need opportunities to practice their social skills when there is no pressure of the outcome. It also helps build a strong sense of creativity which we make them more flexible and able to adapt better in social situations.

Besides that, there are some other ways that you can use play dough printables to foster a learning session.

Ways to learn with play dough printables

Count the number of kids

Compare the number of boys to girls

Encourage language development by practicing new words such as coat, scarf, skates, twirl, and slide.

Have your skaters skate shapes into the play dough.

Learn about prepositions such as: in front, behind, beside, and with

Put your skaters in a line-up and discuss ordinal numbers: Who is 3rd?

Talk about real and fantasy by discussing which figures probably wouldn’t happen in real life (hint: cats & dogs skating!)

I’d love to hear of other ways that you work learning into play dough play time!

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winter ice skating pretend play printable set
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