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Do you notice that at least 50% of games on the market require some sort of dice? That’s probably because it makes playing the game so much fun. The result of your turn is dependent on what the rolled dice says. These dice on the other hand lead to so much more fun. You can play so many different games based on these two dice, if you can imagine it can be done. I am going to help give you a few ideas to get started, though.

These fall number dice are great for lots of fall games! Use them for a number line, gross motor activity, circle time and so much more!

How To Make Dice

These dice are so simple to put together too. As you can see from the pictures, they come in a beautiful Fall theme, which is perfect for this time of year. My favorite is the cute scarecrow, but all of the pictures are so cute. All you have to do is print out the printable below, cut alone the outside lines, fold along all the lines and either glue or tape the flaps inside the main squares. That’s it! Now you and your kids are ready to have endless Fall fun!

Create your own games!

Fun With Dice

Like I mentioned, there are tons of ways that these dice can be used. Here are some of my favorite ideas.

Question & Answers

If you can see from the pictures, each side of the dice has a certain image but each side has a different number of images. For instance there is one scarecrow, four pumpkins, six acorns, etc. The first idea is to use for interacting with your kids or students by asking questions. Start with a list of questions that are numbered. The child can roll the dice, count the objects, find the corresponding number and answer that question. Sticking with the Fall theme, the questions could be about Fall like what is your favorite color of leaves? Have you jumped in leaves this year? If you could choose the perfect pumpkin for you, how big would it be? If you built a scarecrow, what would you name him?

The questions could also be unrelated to Fall and be review of topics you have been talking about in class, general questions about each child, or even simple math equations.

Get Moving

The next idea is perfect for when it’s too cold to play outside but your kids are full of wiggles. Print the dice set two times. The first set can be created into the dice as explained above. The second set, cut each square out individually. Post the single squares at various points in the room, spaced out from each other. Before the child rolls the dice, choose an action such as crab walk, hopping on one foot, skipping, walking backwards, etc. When the child rolls the dice, whichever image the dice lands on will be the image that they go towards. If the action is walking backwards and the dice rolled onto the scarecrow, they will find the scarecrow in the room and walk backwards until they meet the scarecrow image.

Number Line

Create a number line on the floor. Have the child roll the dice and jump along the number line until the number rolled is met. Start over and keep going until all of the numbers have been rolled.

Create A Story

You can use the dice as inspiration for writing sentences, or even stories, depending on skill level. Have the child roll the dice and write a sentence, or short story, about what is on the dice. If the child is not able to write yet, the story can be created verbally.

This can also be done with drawing. The dice can be inspiration for what the child can draw a picture about.

Fun Nonsense Creature Drawings 

Have the child roll the dice three times. Whichever images are rolled must be included in the creature that is being drawn. So if the leaves, acorns and pumpkins are rolled the pumpkin could be the head, acorns could be the body and leaves would be the limbs – but children will probably come up with better creatures than that!

Simple Math

Use each dice for each part of a simple math equation. If one dice lands on 1 and the other lands on 6, have the child add, subtract, multiply or divide the numbers – depending on skill level.

One option is to have child roll the dice, you can write out the equation and the child can solve it. You can also have the child roll, write and solve.


Create a simple graph and record the number of times each image is rolled. You can limit it to 10, 20 or unlimited rolls. You could increase the fun by starting on one surface, like a flat table, and finishing the graph. On a second graph use a different surface like carpet, to see if the surfaces make a huge difference.

These are just some of my favorite go-to activities when we play with dice. The options are endless, though. I also like to let my kids take the reins, if they think of a fun game then that is just as great as the ones I thought of!

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