One of our favorite autumn activities is jumping in piles of leaves! We work together to rake a huge pile, and then, it’s time for the countdown! (or count up!!) My son likes the countdown…five, four, three, two, ONE!!!! While my daughter prefers the count up…. one, two, THREE!!!! Either way, the excitement and joyful exclamations that come next are equal in amount! There’s a wonderful added suspense that counting brings to the whole activity! If counting and leaves are two of your little ones favorite things, then they will love these Fall Leaves Mini Eraser Counting Games for Preschoolers!

Free counting grid cards for 10, 20 and 100.

Recommended Grade Level:

Fall Leaves Counting Game Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Mini Erasers or Counters
  • Laminating Supplies

If you are currently working on numbers and counting with your preschoolers, this activity will fit perfect into your lesson plans!

What Math Should Preschoolers Know?

Counting is one of the foundational math skills that preschoolers learn!

Preschoolers should participate in number activities that help them move past the skill of rote counting and onto one to one correspondence! These counting games help to build a strong number sense!

Leaf counting grid cards next to a fall leaf dice.

Preschoolers also learn to identify numerals 1-10 and begin to match them to the quantity they represent!

What Is The Best Way To Practice Counting With Preschoolers?

There are so many fun activities you can do to practice counting skills! Here are a few of the many ways you can practice counting with young children!

Fall leaf counting grid cards for 20 and 100 in Spanish.
  • Make counting a part of natural conversation during play! Wow! What a big tower! How many blocks did you use to make that tower?
  • Count steps as you go up and down them!
  • Use snack time to practice counting! Little hands (and taste buds) love cheerios, crackers, cookies, and other small snacks that are the perfect size to count!
  • Free preschool counting games like this one, and board games are great ways to practice counting! Whether you are counting numbers on a die, or spaces on a game board, there are plenty of ways to practice when you are playing games!

How To Use This Simple Counting Games For Preschoolers:

After you have downloaded your free fall preschool activity, print out the counting grids and dice cards. There are a few options for you to choose from when printing! (black and white or colored, English or Spanish)

I can count to 10 fall leaf counting grid card with multicolored manipulatives.

Laminate or place the grids into clear plastic sleeves to help them last longer!

There are two sets of dice cards and three different counting grid boards to choose from as well! Pick the ones that work best for you, depending on how long you want the game to last, or how high you want your little one to work on counting!

If you have a differentiated instruction cube, insert the dice cards into the clear plastic pockets. If you don’t have a differentiated cube then a regular die will work!

Let your learner roll the die. Have them count the number of leaves (or dots) that they see on the side that lands up.

They will then place that number of mini erasers (or counters) onto the grid! The picking up and placing of the small erasers is a great fine motor activity!

Let them choose where to put the erasers. The placement of the erasers is not important! As long as your little one is counting and having fun, that’s all that matters!

Once the grid is filled up, clear it off and play again!

Other Math & Counting Games You Can Do With These Number Grids:

  • Use the grid for older learners to practice writing addition sentences! Grab a white board and record the number you roll first. Keep recording the other numbers on the board and writing addition sentences as you go!
  • Practice subtraction skills! Cover the grid with erasers and take away the number you roll.
  • Use the grids as an introduction to even and odd numbers!
  • Using a dry eraser marker and the laminated grids your little one can practice writing numbers!
  • Turn the grid into a two player game! Divide the grid in half and assign each player a side. The players take turns rolling the die and placing erasers on their side of the grid. See who can fill their grid up first with the erasers!

Find even more engaging activities in the Life Over C’s shop!

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  2. Where can you find the mini erasers like you use for your activity? I have looked on Amazon but can not find all the ones you use.

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