I think Valentine’s Day cards and parties have evolved since I was a kid. We used to make valentine holders and attach them to the front of our desks. Then, on the big day, boys and girls delivered their store bought or homemade greetings. A few would have a piece of candy or a sucker attached. Then, I would excitedly read the Happy Valentine’s Day greetings from my classmates, sure that each one was handpicked and addressed to me with great meaning behind those rhymes and verses.

Veggie Valentine Cards Free Printable

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Veggie Valentine Cards Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Scissors

Today’s valentines are a bit more, well, elaborate! While many students still make fun valentine holders, you’ll often find them bulging at the seams to hold fancy treats with clever printable Valentine’s Day cards attached. Valentine’s Day crafts and cards ideas are abundant and many take the opportunity to create some really fabulous wishes of love.

The Veggie Cute Printable Valentine Card for Kids is no exception! The free printable valentines feature four adorable veggie-licious wishes for you to print.

Printable Valentine Cards for Kindergarten

This evolution of Valentine’s Day parties includes the idea that the valentines for kids to print become the backdrop to a glorious treat.

Whether it’s store bought or homemade, these days we tend to show our love in food: frosted heart shaped cookies, packages of valentine candy, red, white and pink parfaits, chocolate dipped strawberries, brownies bursting with heart shaped sprinkles, snack packs of cookies or crackers. I’ve seen it all!

Sometimes I think the kids rip right through the actual kids printable valentine card just to get to the goodies.

Let’s bring back the true meaning of Valentine’s Day with heartfelt notes, rhymes, and puns to get kids excited without all that processed sugar!

How to Use the Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

While you may not be distributing beets to your child’s kindergarten class, these adorable printables at least bring veggies to mind.

To use the free valentines kids cards, just print and cut.

Then, it’s totally up to you how you want to proceed! Attach them to a healthier snack like apples or oranges. Or perhaps jello or pudding in colors to match the vegetable.

The four vegetables and rhymes included are:

  • Broccoli-“You make my head spin.”
  • Mushroom: “You are one fun-guy (FUNGI).”
  • Sugar Snap Pea: “Peas be my valentine.”
  • Beet: “My heart beets for you.”
The veggie valentine cards printable with four different cute valentines.

Creative Healthy Treats for Valentine’s Day

Pair the free valentine card for kids with a healthy treat that shows your love for nutrition. There are many sweet treats that are delicious and nutritious to balance out all the sugary snacks kids will inevitably consume on the big day.

  • Fruit skewers: These are AMAZING and can be tailored to whatever you like (strawberries grapes, pineapple, melon). Think patterns, cutting fruit into heart shapes, etc.
  • Raspberries stuffed with a chocolate chip combine a drop of sweet with a yummy fruit.
  • Yogurt ice pops, layered in festive colors (white, pink, peach)
  • Valentine snack mix with pretzels, o-shaped cereal, and a touch of candy coated chocolate in red, pink or white.
  • Vegetable/cheese/meat tray: all you need to do is cut items into heart shapes and it creates a wonderful, festive treat that’s not heavy on sugar.

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