I might be a Valentine’s Day scrooge. Sometimes it feels like Halloween candy rolls right into Christmas treats, which crashes head on into Valentine’s Day! When do we really send the message that nutritional snacks are the best?!

Trust me, I like to indulge in a sugary treat from time to time, but we all know the effects a few too many white chocolate truffles can have on our little ones!

So, when everyone else is piling on the frosting and chocolate chips, you can feel good about loving up our youngsters with a valentine Cutie.

Orange valentine gift for kids.

Recommended Grade Level:

Valentine’s Day Card Printable Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Small cellophane bag
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Cutie Mandarin Oranges

The Free Printable Cutie Valentines Cards for Kids use one of my kids’ favorite snacks: mandarin oranges! They are SWEET, JUICY, EASY TO PEEL, and NUTRITIOUS! This healthy Valentine idea is adorable and easy to create. To top it off, you’ll spend way less than if you went with store bought cards and treats.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

Even though kids might look forward to those Valentine’s Day treats the most, we can make sure to incorporate art, science, language, and math for some V-day themed fun.

Get students giggling by sharing funny valentines for kids, then brainstorm a list of your own. Cut paper hearts and write a funny on each heart to give as valentines gifts for kids.

Give students free printable valentine cards for kids to color and embellish (glitter! heart confetti!)

Why not use some of that candy for science experiments? How long do candy hearts take to melt in water? What happens when you add a candy heart to vinegar and baking soda?

Cut paper hearts in half, write a rhyming word/picture on each half. Mix up the hearts and ask students to match the rhymes.

Incorporate math by graphing candy hearts or another candy. Graph by color, size, shape, or another attribute.

Orange valentine gift for kids.

How to Make the Cuties Happy Valentine’s Day Cards

These printable valentines for kids are so easy to create and will definitely be a hit!

Create this valentine for kids in just a couple easy steps:

1. First, print the Cutie valentine printable (I recommend color, but you could use crayon/marker/glitter to create a more personalized Valentine’s Day gift for kids). Cut the cards apart.

2. Use a hole punch to create a hole for the ribbon/twist tie to attach the fun valentine message.

3. Next, place a Cutie orange in a cellophane bag.

4. Secure the bag with a twist tie or ribbon. Finally, attach the cute valentines saying for kids by threading the ribbon through the hole and securing with a knot.

Cuties oranges Valentine gifts.

More Healthy and Easy Valentine Ideas

Valentine treats for kids don’t have to be sugar bombs! Think about semi-healthy snacks that incorporate a little sweet, but also provide nutrition.

  • Peanut butter no-bakes with some type of valentine candy thrown in
  • Use a heart-shaped cutter to create fruit hearts (strawberry, watermelon, etc.)
  • Fruit skewers interspersed with a marshmallow or two are typically a hit
  • Give Valentine’s Day jokes attached to a popcorn ball

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