Incorporating themes into preschool learning is crucial because we can sneakily work on the same concepts all year long! Winter themes for preschool can include winter alphabet activities, science experiments with snow, math games using cotton ball counters and more! These free printable uppercase and lowercase letters worksheets provide great hands-on practice for our youngest learners.

Snowman Spin & Stamp Alphabet Activity for Preschool takes those letter matching worksheets to the next level. First, students spin, then they must identify the type of letter, then they must choose the corresponding alphabet stamp, and finally there’s the magic of pressing the stamp to ink. That’s tons of meaningful learning all wrapped up in a cute wintery package!

Spin and Stamp Alphabet Activity for Preschool Winter Snowman Theme

Recommended Grade Level:

Winter Alphabet Spin & Stamp Supplies:

  • Printer/Ink
  • Alphabet Stamps
  • Ink Pad
  • Paper Fastener/Paper Clip (spinner)

Learning Letter Recognition in Preschool



Letter recognition is clearly a key foundational skill on the path toward reading and writing. Preschooler theme learning incorporates alphabet learning all year, as students explore, connect, and build background knowledge.

Learning to read successfully requires some basic understandings that most adults, and even older children that can read, often overlook.

In order to learn how to read, children must first understand that letters are specific symbols, each symbol stands for a sound, and groups of letters then form specific words.

Then, they must connect to the idea that written words represent the sounds in spoken language. Finally, they learn to analyze and recognize that these sounds are produced with specific, sometimes predictable, letter patterns.

A learner’s initial steps toward letter recognition and discerning between uppercase and lowercase letters on printables, in books, and other written text is extremely valuable.

In addition to learning to name letters, additional questions will get young learners thinking regardless of the preschool theme:

  • What’s the name of the letter?
  • What sound does it make?
  • Can you think of a word(s) that begins with the same sound?
  • Do some letters look the same/similar/different?
A child using the "spinner" for the letter "B" Snowman Spin & Stamp Alphabet Activity worksheet.

What Can Preschoolers Learn While Playing The Snowman Spin and Stamp?



In addition to learning uppercase and lowercase letters, this free snowman activity enhances fine motor development each time your child spins. Other winter theme activities for your lesson plans might include:

  • Exploring snow or freezing/melting
  • Arctic animals/polar bears
  • Vocabulary associated with winter weather
  • Snowman art projects
  • Winter math games
The supplies for the Snowman Alphabet Activity for Preschool.

Why Is It Important For Kids To Learn About Letters?

Children are naturally curious about everything around them. Games and worksheets for preschoolers helps prepare kids to learn how to read when they enter kindergarten.

Background Knowledge: When children begin to learn about the shapes we call letters, it sets their brains up for success. Soon they will need to understand that each letter represents a different spoken sound.

Understand Reading: Children with letter knowledge can easily make the jump from naming different letters to understanding that letters are truly a code for how to read.

Improves Fluency: The goal before learning to read would be to be able to effortlessly name letters, both uppercase and lowercase. That ease makes the transition to learning sounds much less difficult.

Make Connections: Preschoolers often learn letter names, letter sounds, and how to write letters simultaneously. It helps them make connections as to how they all relate to each other and to the bigger picture of reading.

How to Make The Printable Snowman Alphabet Spin & Stamp

Step One:

The snowman alphabet printable is super easy to prep. Just print the pages and you’re ready to share the winter themed alphabet pages with your students.

Step Two:

To create a spinner, place a paper clip around the tip of the pencil as shown above.

Grab the uppercase and lowercase stamps, an ink pad, and start spinning!

Step Three:

Then, identify the letter as uppercase or lowercase and choose the corresponding stamp. Repeat!

To play, teach kids how to hold the pencil with one hand and use the other hand to flick the paperclip-now that’s a ‘hands on’ activity! Then, identify if the spinner landed on a lowercase or capital letter and grab the corresponding stamp.

The kid-sized upper and lowercase letter stamps are super easy for the kids to hold and see what they are stamping.

A child completing the Snowman Spin & Stamp Alphabet Activity worksheet for the letter "A".

Sensory Bin: Sensory play for kids is important. Place the letter stamps in the sensory bin all mixed up. Then have students find a letter, then find the right winter worksheet for preschool page to stamp it on.

Talk: It helps when kids say the letter names as they play the snowman alphabet letters game. You can then talk about the sound each letter makes and words that begin with that sound.

Play a Game: It’s easy to turn an alphabet snowman worksheet for preschool into a game! Kids can take turns spinning, or place the letter pages upside down so they don’t know what letter they might draw.

Spin and Stamp Alphabet Activity for Preschool Winter Snowman Theme
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