Valentine Ten-Frame Number Mats for 1-10

I love Valentine’s Day. I know that it is a totally commercial holiday for no purpose other than selling pretty pink things, chocolates and flowers, but I still love it. (Maybe because those are all my favorite things…) So bringing Valentine’s Day into our learning time just makes sense. In fact, as soon as I took down the Christmas tree, I started making Valentine decorations to replace all the pretty, twinkly things. I love these Valentine ten-frame number mats for 1-10, well, because they are pink. If you hate pink, I’m sorry, but we probably can’t be friends. *wink*

Valentine ten-frame number mats! Practice counting to 10 with these differentiated ten-frame mats.

What do I need for the Valentine Ten-Frame Number Mats?

These number mats are very quick prep! All you need to do is print and laminate them.

2 versions are included for easy differentiation. One version has the correct number of spaces filled in on the ten-frame and the second version leaves the ten-frame blank for students to fill in on their own. This way kids that need some extra support have just what they need to succeed.

I love using HP Instant Ink because it allows me to print in full color without ever worrying about the cost. I pay a low fee each month and they deliver the ink directly to my door, so that I never run out and I’m not charged extra for printing in color. Register using this link and you can even get a free month!

To Use the Valentine Ten-Frame Number Mats:

Use the heart gems to count the correct number of hearts in the ten-frame and above the ten-frame.

Then use a dry-erase crayon to trace the number and the number word. You can also use play dough to shape the number for a fun alternative.

No matter how you use them, the kids are sure to enjoy their counting time!

Valentine theme number mats heart ten frame

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