As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’d love to share with you the DIY Valentine’s Board Game for counting that we created! It’s so easy to put together and a little more multi-sensory than a regular printable game board would offer.

– Life Over C's valentine's day board game create your own

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Valentine’s Day DIY Board Game for Kids

  • 12×12 Scrapbook Paper
  • Foam Hearts
  • Dice
  • Snow Globe
  • Valentine Confetti
– Life Over C's Create your own DIY Valentine's Day Game Board to practice counting! So much fun for your preschoolers and kindergarteners!

Create a game board by making a path with the foam heart stickers. You can make the path as long or short as you want depending on the skill level and attention span of your players. Remember that there is a potential for moving up to 6 spaces each time the die is rolled, so making it at least 18 spaces is recommended to give players at few time to shake the die.

I made my path wind back and forth across the page, but you could also create a spiral with the end in the center.

To create the optional dice shaker, place the die and the sequins inside the snow globe and shut as directed. Even though I bought my snow globe during the Christmas season, you can find them all the time here on Amazon.

If you find that a large die is too hard to shake you can always use a smaller die. However, I find that it is good for working little arm muscles to have to shake the globe enough to get the die to turn.

To Play:

Choose a location for starting. Going clockwise around the table, take turns shaking the snow globe and moving the number of spaces rolled. The first one to reach the end wins!

Change it up a bit by including 2 dice in the snow globe and adding them together. Move the number of spaces that the sun creates.

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– Life Over C's valentine's day board game create your own
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  1. I truly thank you for sharing all of your amazing projects, activities, games and resources. There are times when I need to come up with an activity for my class and I can’t think of anything. But I go to your site, and there’s always some idea waiting for me to use. So once again, THANK YOU!