A free watermelon printable math game the kids will love playing this summer. The seeds of a watermelon are what make pictures of watermelons so cute, wouldn’t you say? But when I eat watermelons, I prefer not to have the seeds. That being said, it is fun to gather my kids around and have watermelon spitting contest. Have you done that before? They are the perfect size for launching into the air and hoping to come in first. We do this every summer! This is the inspiration for our most recent roll and count activity. Watermelons are the perfect theme for a simple counting activity and perfect for summer!

This simple free printable dice game for counting is perfect for your kindergarten math centers.

Recommended Grade Level:

Watermelon Roll & Count Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Dry Erase Pouch or Laminating Supplies
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Dried Black Beans

Watermelon Printable Math Game

Roll and count math games are perfect for new mathematicians.  This game is just right for introducing numbers and counting, as well as number formation and number words.

This activity helps children learn the whole concept of number sense. This can be done for numbers 1-10 )or even higher with different dice).

Use this free printable counting activity in your kindergarten math centers. Perfect for a summer or fruit theme.

Prep and Playing

We like using dry erase pockets for our Roll and Count activities! These pockets make playing with roll and counts so much easier, and kids can switch between themes as often as they would like. We still laminate all the time, but these make it easier for activities such as this.

Kids will love this game because it is a surprise every time the die rolls. Which number will they explore next? Each exploration is a new opportunity to practice number sense for a new number.

Watermelon counting printable for kindergarten math. Count the number of seeds that is rolled on the dice.

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summer watermelon counting roll and count math game
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