This fun activity for kids to learn about emotions with a gingerbread theme is perfect to enjoy during the holiday season. Have your kids learn emotions such as embarrassed, sad, silly, and others with this free printable gingerbread emotions roll & create play dough activity for Christmas. Pair it up with more Gingerbread-theme Emotions Activities like this super fun Gingerbread Emotions Board Game.

Free printable Gingerbread I Feel play dough mats for learning about emotions in preschool and kindergarten.

Recommended Grade Level:

Gingerbread Roll an Emotion Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Differentiated Instruction Cube or Dice
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Play Dough

What do preschoolers understand about emotions?

Teaching healthy emotions at a young age will help your child grow up with strong emotional intelligence.

This healthy emotional development will encourage more positive relationships in your child’s older life as they navigate the world of making new friends and eventually head off to be an adult in their own married family life.

Preschoolers understand emotions at a basic level. They can feel their emotions, but aren’t quite sure how to express them or what each emotion means. That’s why this gingerbread emotions roll and draw activity is perfect for your preschool child to start developing healthy emotional expressions and definitions.

Your preschooler will start to learn what various emotions look like as well as what they mean as you discuss emotions during your time enjoying this gingerbread roll and draw activity.

Preschoolers show emotions with play dough on this simple free printable Gingerbread Emotions play dough activity for Christmas preschool theme

How do you explain feelings to a child?

One of the best ways to teach feelings to a child is to be the best role model of healthy emotions. Being a role model to explain feelings to a child helps your child learn quickly about all forms of emotions. The best way to be a role model is to be honest about your feelings, and use your words to explain how you felt during a specific emotional expression.

Another way to explain feelings to a child is to play games such as my gingerbread roll & make play dough activity. This is a fun way to get into the holiday spirit with gingerbread characters expressing a variety of emotions so you can explain feelings to your child through a fun writing and drawing activity.

Your child will learn more about feelings as they use the variety of emotions on each gingerbread man’s face to write the emotion and draw it.

Use play dough to create the emotion shown on the differentitated instruction cube dice with emotion inserts in this free printable Preschool Emotions game with a fun Gingerbread theme.

Prepping & Playing Gingerbread Roll & Draw

Are you ready to get started? I hope so! Simply print the printable below so that you can get started to prepare for the gingerbread roll & make emotions game.

Cut out the dice template and insert them into a differentiated instruction cube.

Shameless plug that if you don’t have a set of differentiated instruction cubes (or pocket dice) you need to get some. We use them several times a week and you can find TONS of activities for them here on Life Over C’s.

If you don’t have a differentiated instruction cube and can’t purchase a set right now, you can simply change up the activity… instead of rolling a die, the kids can draw a card from a pile instead. Super easy!!

Definitely laminate this activity because it needs to be reusable. Dry erase markers and play dough don’t do well on plain paper. *wink*

Simply use your laminator machine to laminate the gingerbread roll and draw activity sheets and the dice inserts for hours and hours of game play.

If you’d rather, feel free to use dry erase pouches to protect the gingerbread roll and draw emotions gameplay cards.

Now that you have your template printed and the gingerbread emotions dice ready, it’s time to enjoy a game that teaches your preschoolers emotions.

To Play:

This emotion educational game is easy to play. Have your children roll the gingerbread emotions die. Whatever emotion the gingerbread die rolls on will be the emotion that your children write the word and draw on their gingerbread emotions activity sheet.

Or use play dough to create the emotion on the emotions mat for a fun fine motor activity.

Another fun way to this game is to have your kids show the emotion that’s rolled on the dice. This can lead to giggles and fun as you make faces to express each emotion that’s rolled on the gingerbread emotions dice.

This game is a fun way to help your children learn about emotions and how to express them during the holiday season. Kids experience a wide range of emotions during the holiday season, so it’s a great time to play this gingerbread roll and create emotions game.

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Roll an emotion Gingerbread roll and create emotions game for preschool play dough activity
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