Campfires and s’mores go together like peanut butter-n-jelly! I cannot smell smoke wafting in the air without thinking about a golden, gooey, sticky sweet marshmallow! Why not pair that sensory experience so many of us have in common with social emotional development in preschool?! It fits right in with a camping theme in any preschool classroom!

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Recommended Grade Level:

S’Mores Emotions Board Game Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Scissors

The S’mores Theme Emotions Preschool Board Game practically smells like the sweetness of summer. All you need to do is print the gameboard and cards, cut them apart, and your students will be ready for summer preschool fun! Not to mention the valuable early learning that occurs when exploring big feelings and promoting social development!

Social-Emotional Activities for Preschoolers

There’s no doubt in the minds of any educator or parent that young children feel and exhibit a wide range of emotions on a daily basis. A huge part in any child’s development is learning how to cope and react to whatever life throws their way.

Summer camp is the perfect opportunity to help children develop emotional and social skills. When we teach kids with great books about emotions for preschoolers or emotional skills activities for preschoolers, we give them the necessary tools for success.

Social emotional summer activities for preschoolers provide benefits all year long:

  • Reduces problem behaviors
  • Gives children vocabulary to talk about strong feelings
  • Improves empathy for others
  • Fosters decision making and problem solving
  • Increases self-awareness and regulation

How to Use the S’mores Feelings and Emotions Activity for Preschool

With a tiny bit of prep, this lesson plan will have preschool teachers feeling great! This engaging game teaches kids five specific emotions: proud, nervous, surprised, sad, and silly!

The preschool camping theme printable game introduces important vocabulary and gives children a chance to relate each feeling to a time when they felt that way. When they draw a “Tell about a time when you were…” card, they can reflect on specific events. Sharing personal experiences makes the activity more engaging and meaningful.

After you print the gameboard and cards, consider laminating for durability. Then, just cut out the cards and place them in the “draw pile” on the gameboard. Clearly marked spaces for cards help young kiddos get into good game-playing habits and routines!

Children can use any small manipulative as a marker for the game (perhaps colored mini marshmallows?!)

Each turn, players will draw a card and identify the emotion. Then, they move to the next space with the matching emotion. When a marshmallow card is drawn, follow the directions on the card!

The s’mores activity for preschool includes a handy page with step-by-step game directions. I like to place directions on the back of the gameboard for frequent reference as needed!

*It might be just me, but I would definitely top off this smores activity for preschool with a graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate treat when the game wraps up!

More Summer Themed Social Emotional Activities for Preschoolers

Social emotional activities for preschoolers at home and school certainly help children develop into functioning citizens. Although you’ll likely incorporate this type of learning all year long, there are lots of other summer activities that will keep students engaged.

  • Create faces for each emotion (as shown on the s’mores cards) with play dough.
  • Games of tag, capture the flag, or simple relays help kids learn to win, lose, and play together in a structured way.
  • Share books and book lists with your students that address specific emotions or social situations, like sharing, celebrating differences, or cooperating with each other.

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– Life Over C's Photo collage of a smores-themed emotions board game.
– Life Over C's Up close image of the s'mores emotions board game with a surprised card on the discard pile.
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