Teaching the alphabet involves learning uppercase and lowercase letter names and sounds. But once kids master those skills and begin to learn decoding, they can also move on to alphabetical order. ABC order practice activities for kindergarten provide exposure to a skill that can be tricky. Alphabet games, like my Free Printable Alphabetical Order “War” Card Game make learning alphabet order a snap! I paired the game with a food theme to keep it interesting. Just print this fun alphabet game and play it like the classic card game of war.

– Life Over C's alphabetical order card game food theme for kids

Recommended Grade Level:

Alphabetical Order Food Card Game Supplies:

  • Printer/Ink
  • Scrapbook Paper (optional)
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Paper Cutter
  • Pencil

Learning Alphabetical Order in Primary Grades



Learning to put the letters of the alphabet in order seems harder when we merge that skill with words. Help your students practice ordering the alphabet in kindergarten and beyond with this free alphabet printable for kindergarten war game.

Students that benefit from a visual can have an alphabet strip on the table while they play the game. Then they can easily references the letters as the cards are flipped.

This game is valuable on a lot of levels. First, students work on food and nutrition vocabulary with the food theme preschool/kindergarten game. Next, they have to identify what letter each word starts with. Finally, they have to figure out where in the alphabet it lies.

I love this game of war because it can easily be adapted, depending on the skills your learners already have. Not ready for ABC order? Use it for sound/letter matching learning game, or a letter recognition game.

You can even just use the game as a nutrition activity or an opportunity to learn about food groups. To focus on alphabetical order while playing the alphabet game for kindergarten, free, pose thoughtful questions:

  • Which letter comes before/after?
  • What do you do if both words start with the same letter?
  • How do you konw that letter is at the beginning/end of the alphabet?
– Life Over C's alphabetical order game

What Can Children Learn From Kindergarten Alphabet Games?



Use the war game to teach letters, sounds, alphabetical order, or food names. There are 14 food cards included:

  • Apple/Bacon/Cherry/Donut/Egg
  • Fish/Grapes/Hot Dog/Kiwi/Lentils
  • Milk/Nachos/Orange/Peas
– Life Over C's girl alphabetical order game

Why Is It Important For Kids To Learn Alphabetical Order?

Understanding the order of the alphabet is important. ABC order encompasses the basic skills of sequencing and ordering which is found in other topics, like science and math.

Background Knowledge: Alphabetical order is really a life skill. You’ll need it to find a book in the library, a number in a phone book, a vocabulary word in the back of a book, etc.

Sequencing: Putting things in order transfers to other topics. Numbers go in order, life cycles follow a sequence, scientific experiments are step-by-step.

Organizing: Organizing information, whether by letter or category, is an important thinking skill. The more ways our brains know how to do it, the better.

Make Connections: Alphabet activities for kindergarten and beyond that focus on order allow kids to make broader connections, like ordering students in class by last name or lining up a by first letters in our names.

How to Make the Alphabetical Order “War” Card Game

To Prep:

Print 3-4 copies of the food card game pages. I like to use the backside of scrapbook paper, so the cards aren’t see-through. Laminate if desired and cut apart the cards.

If desired, print the recording sheet also.

To Play:

Divide cards evenly among two players.

Place cards face down in a stack.

Players each turn over one card at the same time.

Player with the word that comes FIRST in alphabetical order takes both cards and adds them to the bottom of their pile.

In case of tie, each player lays down three cards face down and then turns the third card. First in alphabetical order wins all the cards.

Play continues as time allows or one player runs out of cards.

Extension: Choose ten cards from one set, put them in alphabetical order and record them on the provided sheet.

– Life Over C's This free printable alphabetical order 'War' card game is great for kindergarteners and first graders who are learning how to read and learning about alphabetical order. The simple words and supporting pictures help kids be able to read the words as they decide which words come first in alphabetical order. So much fun!!!

Go Fish Alphabet Card Game: Use the cards from the war game to play a game of Go Fish! Just use two pics of each food.

Letter Matching: Place the cards in a draw pile. Draw a card, then match the beginning sound to a set of kindergarten A to Z alphabet flash card game.

Rhyming Game: Use the cards to generate rhymes or another skill in alphabet practice for kindergarten, like first or last sound, or syllable segmenting.

– Life Over C's alphabetical order card game food theme for kids
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After you’ve fallen in love with this game like we have, you can get more alphabetical order “War” card game sets here. They have been one of my most popular resources for the last year and they specialize in easy-to-read words starting with a CVC reading level and progressing from there to other commonly used words.

– Life Over C's Practice alphabetical order with your students as they play this fun alphabetical order "war" card game! Such a fun way to learn!
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