Many Kindergarten and Pre K activities for Valentine’s Day involve baking and crafts. These are both great activities, but you may notice your little ones getting a little antsy and in need of some movement after sitting still working on projects. This is the perfect opportunity to get out this free printable activity for some body moving and shaking. Valentine’s Theme Gross Motor Exercises For Preschoolers will get your kids moving and participating in some active fun!

Valentine's Day Fitness Dice Free Printable

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Valentine’s Day Brain Break Cube:

  • Paper
  • Paper Cutter
  • Differentiated Instruction Cube (pocket cube)

All of the exercises you will find on the fitness cards are excellent gross motor skill activities!

This activity is sure to provide endless, animated valentine fun for preschoolers. It will quickly become a favorite valentine activity for you and your kids.

Whether you need a new Valentine’s Day party idea or you are searching for an early learning classroom brain break, this is the activity for you!

Developing Gross Motor Skills In Preschoolers:

Gross motor development is extremely important for preschoolers. In order to strengthen large muscle groups, little ones need to get moving!

Running and jumping are just two of the many physical activities that can help to strengthen muscles.

Leg strengthening activities like squats, skipping, and jogging in place are included on the fitness cards.

Activities that are good for arm movements include arm circles, arm stretching, and push ups.

Jumping jacks, somersaults, and cart wheels are just a few of the many activities that will help improve coordination and provide practice moving multiple muscle groups at the same time.

More Fun Gross Motor Activities:

  • have a dance party
  • create an obstacle course
  • play outdoor games like hopscotch
  • simon says with exercises
  • older children can strengthen large muscle groups by riding a bike or a scooter
  • try children’s yoga

How To Use This Gross Motor Movement Activity For Preschoolers:

The best thing about these movement cards (besides that they are an adorable, super fun valentine’s activity) is that they are ready to use in no time at all.

Print them onto white card stock and laminate them for durability. Cut them apart and you’re ready to go!

Free printables for Valentine's theme gross motor exercises.

Stack them into a pile and then let your little one choose a card. Have them do the exercise and then pick another.

Keep going until your kids are worn out!

Note: With over 15 exercises to choose from, you can include all the cards in your stack, let your child choose their favorites to pick from, or just separate out certain muscle group exercises to work on at a time!

Other Ways To Use The Valentine’s Day Brain Break Cube:

  • Slip the cards into a differentiation cube. Rolling one of these can be another good, active movement to add into the activity.
  • Make the cards into a sequence activity. Line three or four cards up side by side and have your child do the exercises in order.
  • Use the cards for listening comprehension. Can your little one listen to the instructions for two or three activities and do them without looking at the cards? This is a wonderful activity for working on memory skills!
  • Turn it into a learning activity! Roll a numbered die every time you flip a card and do the exercise that many times. This is great counting practice.
  • Make exercise stations. Hang these cards around a room in your house and when you say “Go!” your child (or children) will pick a station. They will do the exercise for 15 seconds then go to another station.
The Valentine's Day Fitness Dice printable for somersaults.

Check out these Valentine’s activities that are great for fine motor skills!

  • This sensory bin will provide your little one with hours of fun exploration!
  • Gluing real or candy hearts onto cards, and making other valentine’s crafts are perfect for strengthening little hand and finger muscles.
  • Check out these Valentine themed play dough mats for an awesome counting and fine motor skill activity.
Valentine's Fitness Dice Featured Square Image
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