When life hands you lemons… paint! (or make lemonade! OR do both!!) This preschool painting activity takes painting to a whole new level! Your kids will love creating this adorable wall art project made by painting with fruit! Lemon painting with preschoolers will quickly become one of your favorite summer art projects!

If you have never painted with fruit and vegetables before you will be amazed by the beautiful designs you can create with a stamp made out of produce!

– Life Over C's Lemon Painting Activity

Recommended Grade Level:

Lemon Painting Supplies:

  • Paper Plate
  • Two Lemons
  • Paint – We used red, blue, and yellow
  • Paper Towels
  • Paper

Benefits Of Lemon Art For Kids:

Art activities of any kind are wonderful opportunities for child development! Here are a few of the many benefits of completing this art project with your child!

  • Fine Motor Skills! Holding the lemon half, dabbing the lemon in the paint, and stamping are all fantastic for strengthening fine motor skills and working on hand eye coordination!
  • Patterns! This activity provides the perfect introduction to patterns for your child. Patterns are one of the building blocks of logic and reasoning skills. Your little one will have so much fun guessing and figuring out what color comes next!
  • Color Recognition! Painting is a great time to reinforce and practice identifying colors!
  • Creativity! Art allows your child to express themselves and use their imagination!
– Life Over C's Lemon painting on a white piece of paper.

How To Make This Summer Painting for Preschoolers:


First you will cut your lemons in half. You will need at least two lemons!

After the lemons are cut, you may notice a little juice coming out from the fruit. If this happens just gently dab the half onto a paper towel.

Don’t worry if some juice gets on the paper while you are painting- it will dry and still look great!

Pour the three colors of paint onto the paper plate. If you prefer you can put the paint onto three separate plates!

Gently shake the plate to even out the paint.

Take one lemon half and press it into the blue paint. If there is excess paint you can use the paper plate or a paper towel to dab the extra off.

– Life Over C's Half a lemon sitting in blue paint on a paper plate with red and yellow paint.

Press the lemon half with the blue paint gently onto the paper. (start in the top left corner!)

Repeat with two new lemon halves and the yellow and red paint!

After the yellow and red have been stamped, stamp with the blue again and continue the pattern down the paper!

Give the painting plenty of time to dry before displaying it!

If desired, frame your painting and use it to decorate your home!

I don’t know about you, but no matter what my home decor is I always have more room for art prints designed by my kids! Fruit prints make the perfect addition to any kitchen, playroom, or dining room wall!

Other Ways To Paint With Lemons:

This activity is just one example of how you can use lemons to create a beautiful art print! Once your preschooler has mastered this new technique let them try lemon art some other ways!

  • Cut the lemon into quarters instead of halves for a different shape!
  • Experiment with colors! Let your preschooler mix colors and see what happens! This is a perfect way to introduce them to the concept of primary and secondary colors!
  • Create a new pattern! Your little one will love experimenting and creating new patterns! Let them make up their own, or start a pattern for them and see if they can finish it!
– Life Over C's Painting with lemons on a piece of paper using red, blue, and yellow paint.

More Painting Art Activity Ideas!

  • Try painting with other fruits and veggies! Apples, oranges, broccoli, and peppers all provide different shapes and textures for little hands to experiment with!
  • Shaving cream painting is an awesome sensory art activity! Just color some shaving cream and watch as your little one swirls the paint together with their fingers or a paint brush!
  • Glitter ice cube painting is always a huge hit with preschoolers!
  • Looking for a delicious and artsy treat? Try making edible paint!

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– Life Over C's Lemon Painting Activity with paint and cut lemons

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– Life Over C's summer lemon painting prints featured image

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