Kids of all ages love painting! Whether we are using paint brushes or fingers, tempera paint or water colors, painting activities are always a favorite in my house! Recently we have been trying out the art of painting with fruit! Making Orange Prints Painting with Preschoolers is a fun art activity for kids that your little ones are sure to fall in love with!

Orange painting with preschoolers is an awesome summertime activity that will get the creative (orange) juices flowing!

DIY Orange Painting Activity

Why Is Painting Important For Preschoolers?

I will be totally honest, I used to cringe just a little bit inside when my preschoolers asked to paint! Paint on their clothes, the table, their chair, hands, faces… you get the picture!

BUT, I have now come to accept that their happy, smiling faces, and the developmental benefits they are getting while creating paint art projects, is completely worth the mess!

Here are just a few of the MANY benefits of painting with preschoolers:

  • Painting promotes creativity and self-expression!
  • Fine motor skills and hand eye coordination are strengthened when little hands and fingers are painting!
  • Painting can be a relaxing and soothing activity for kids! Art for kids is a great outlet for expressing emotions!
  • Painting projects allows children the opportunity to explore color!

Tips For Easy Paint Clean Up:

Since painting can be a little messy, here are a few tips for easy paint clean up when working on preschool painting activities!

  • Place a disposable table cloth or old newspaper on the table before you begin your project!
  • Keep wet paper towels or wipes handy!
  • Put an old tee shirt or apron on your little one before they start painting to help keep their clothes clean!
  • Take your paint project outside to a picnic table or patio and work on it out there to minimize the indoor mess!

Materials To Make Orange Prints:

Supplies for doing an orange painting activity.


First, cut two oranges in half. This will give you four halves to use for painting. One half for each color!

When you cut the oranges open some of the juice may begin to leak out of them! Just dab them onto the paper towel to remove the excess juice.

Even after you dab the oranges onto the paper towel, juice may still come out and get onto the paper when painting. Don’t worry! It will dry, and your painting will still look awesome!

Pour the four colors of paint onto the paper plate. You can also use four separate plates, one for each color if you prefer!

Four orange halves sitting in different color paints on a white paper plate.

Even out the paint by gently shaking the plate.

Dip the orange into the green paint. If you have extra paint on the orange use the paper plate to dab some of it off!

Gently press the orange half onto the paper. Remove and repeat leaving white space between the prints until the green color has been stamped the desired amount of times!

Painting with half an orange with green and yellow paint on white paper.

Next repeat the process with the yellow paint, slightly overlapping the edges with the green prints.

Using the blue paint, continue the process and start to fill in the white space with blue orange prints.

Finally, use the red orange halves to stamp and fill in the remaining white space!

Ta Da! You have an amazing orange art print that will make an incredible addition to your wall art!

Clean-up Tip: Prepare Ahead!

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Orange painting activity for kids.

Other Options For Orange Prints:

Your little one will love letting their creativity shine by creating another print using oranges! Try these modifications to make a unique masterpiece!

  • Add new colored paint to their palette, or let your little one mix the original colored paint to make new colors!
  • Cut the oranges into quarters or eighths for new shapes!
  • Encourage your child to make a pattern alternating colors or shapes!
  • Let your little one use puffy paint to outline the orange prints and add some texture to their painting!
  • Press just the edge of the orange onto the paper and turn and roll it to create a fun design!

Other Ideas For Painting With Preschoolers:

When it comes to painting activities for preschoolers, the possibilities are really endless! Here are some other painting ideas for kids that will create unique art prints!

  • Try making a scrape painting! Simply pour some paint on a paper or canvas then drag and scrape pieces of cardboard across it for a cool process art activity!
  • Create spin art! All you need is a salad spinner, paper, and some paint! You’ll be left with a beautiful spin painting!
  • Paint in a bag for a mess free painting experience! This is a great activity if you have little ones younger than preschool age who want to participate in painting fun!
  • Cool off with some ice cube painting!

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DIY Orange Painting Activity
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