My children and some of the neighborhood kids made their own lemonade stand last summer. They made signs and advertised. I was very surprised how well they did.

They spent most of their hard earned money on cold treats from the ice cream truck. I mean… I get it!

Lemonade is the perfect summertime treat. We have an exciting activity that will get you ready for the season. It’s sure to tantalize your senses! The DIY lemon sensory bottle is perfect for sensory play and could be used as a calming device.

Learning Through Sensory Activities For Preschoolers

How to make sensory bottles


How do sensory bottles help? Our summer sensory bottle DIY can help children develop their senses, practice visual discrimination, and help regulate emotions.

What do you need to make a sensory bottle? Anything you want really! Our lemon sensory activity has very few ingredients and is super easy to make. You can even add in additional materials like water beads, glitter glue, hair gel, or even glow in the dark glue!

Make a summer sensory play bottle with your child. Use it as a science experiment. Let them explore it for as long as they are interested. What a perfect lemon activity for preschool!

  • What else could we put in sensory bottles?
  • What are the differences between water and corn syrup?
  • What do you think would happen if we put in drops of food coloring?
  • What other sensory bottle ideas could use for different seasons?
– Life Over C's The lemon sensory bottle is ready for summer sensory play.

What Can Preschoolers Learn While Playing With A DIY Sensory Bottle?



You can use vocabulary and the lemon sensory calm down bottle to learn about mixtures or solutions:

  • Mixture
  • Ingredients
  • Change
  • Texture
– Life Over C's Lemon sensory bottle ingredients.

Why Is It Important For Kids To Learn Through Sensory Play?

Children are naturally curious about everything around them. Exploring with sensory bottles and bins are just another way to activate the senses while exploring any way they would like. Whether you premade sensory bottles or make your own, the sensory play is beneficial.

Exploring Senses:

Sensory play can help children develop new concepts and find ways to explore their different senses.

  • What colors are the lemons?
  • What do lemons smell like?
  • How do they taste?
  • What other liquids could we put in the empty water bottle?

Mixing Up Materials

Learning how to make sensory bottles involves combining water and glue. This is an example of a mixture, where ingredients are combined to create something new.

Connect with Summer

A lemon theme is just a fun way to celebrate and connect with summer. What other food and drinks are associated with summer? Get kids thinking about summer classics, like ice cream, picnics, and beach days.

Sustaining Social Skills

We can build this together! Social play is so important for early learning. Our children can practice taking turns, communication skills and being kind to others.

How To Make The Lemon Sensory Bottle For Preschool

Step One:

Pour the glue into the warm water and stir well. This helps to minimize the amount of bubbles in the mixture.

– Life Over C's Measure clear liquid glue for the sensory bottle.

Step Two:

Pour the water into the sensory bottle. Add the lemon buttons. 

– Life Over C's Finished lemon sensory bottle.

Step Three:

Fill the remainder of the bottle with water, leaving a small space so that it’s not overfilled. 

Close the bottle and secure the top well. Use tape if desired around the lid.

– Life Over C's The lemon sensory bottle is ready for summer sensory play.

Step Four:

Shake up the contents of the sensory bottle well. 

Let the child explore the sensory bottle. Observe what they do as they watch the lemons move back and forth.

– Life Over C's Playing with the lemon sensory bottle.

Extend the Activity

Making Substitutions

Have your children compare and contrast using different ingredients for their sensory bottles. How about a glitter sensory bottle? A discovery bottle with ocean animals?

Make Lemonade

After your child has made their sensory project they will probably be thirsty. Have them help make a cold pitcher of lemonade and share some with family and friends!

Count the Lemons

How many lemons will you put into your plastic bottle? What if I add in 5 more? How many will you have?

Let’s take out 2. How many are left? This can be a great way to practice basic math skills.

Do you love this activity?

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– Life Over C's Sensory bottle DIY project for summer.
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