Here comes Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail with an adorable Easter bunny craft idea for you! Today I am going to show you how to make a bunny tail with cotton balls and a few other simple materials. I’m sure once you see how simple and easy it is, this fun and Easy Bunny Tail Craft For Preschoolers will become a new favorite craft for you to do every year.

Bunny Tail Paper Plate Craft

This Easter craft is a great project for your home or classroom. It is a must have for your lesson plans this Spring!

Why Is This DIY Bunny Is A Great Activity For Kids?

This easy Easter bunny craft for kindergarten and preschoolers is a great activity for strengthening fine motor skills. Cutting, painting, and gluing are all good activities to work the small muscles of the hands and wrists.

The different textures of the bunny make this an awesome sensory experience for kids. Once the paint dries you are left with a smooth paper plate, the roughness of the dry paint, and the fluffy cotton ball tail.

Any craft project you do is a wonderful way to let your child be creative and show off their artistic skills.

How To Create This Cute Bunny Tail:

Supplies needed for making a Bunny Tail Paper Plate Craft.


Before you begin to assemble this kid’s craft Easter Bunny with cotton ball tail, you will want to prepare your materials.

To prepare your materials:

  • Cut your sponge into small strips.
  • Draw two bunny shaped feet onto your white construction paper and cut them out.
  • Pour pink paint into an empty egg carton, small bowl, or onto a paper plate.
  • Cover your table in butcher paper, old newspaper or white drawing paper for easy clean up.
Using a sponge to apply pink paint to a paper plate.

Now that your materials are all set up, you you are ready to create your paper plate Easter bunny tail!

Dip your sponge in the pink paint, and create the inside of your bunny feet. Paint one large circle and three small circles.

Next, paint a large pink circle in the center of the white paper plate.

Paper plate with cotton balls attached to it.

While the paint on the white paper plate is still wet, create the tail with the cotton balls.

To do this, make a circle with the cotton balls on top of the pink paint. You will want to leave a small border of pink around the cotton balls.

Using a glue stick to attach paper bunny feet to a paper plate.

Allow the paper plate and feet to dry and then glue them together to create your adorable bunny Easter craft for kids!

Clean-up Tip: Prepare Ahead!

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Other Ideas For This Easy Bunny Craft For Kids:

  • If you don’t have cotton balls you can substitute pom poms, balled up tissues, or crumpled construction paper.
  • Pair this activity with your favorite Spring or Easter themed book.
  • Practice counting the cotton balls as you put them onto the bunny tail. If you have an older child, make it an estimation activity! How many cotton balls do you think it will take to create the tail?
  • Make a bunny tail garland by creating multiple tails and stringing them together. This would make a cute Easter decoration for your home.

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