The school year is almost to an end for many of us. If you’re like me, this is a bittersweet time. It is exciting because as parents we don’t have to worry about the stress of school for a few months and we can spend fun, quality time with our kids 24/7. Kids are typically excited for those reasons too. Then there is the bitter part. Our kids our getting older. It’s one more milestone checked off the list and one more step on their way to being grown. Does it bring tears to your eyes? It is part of life, and something we have to come to terms with, but it doesn’t make it less emotional. Another end of school year full of memories.

Preserving End Of The School Year Memories With Printables & Crafts

We like to preserve those memories as much as we can. It’s hard to remember EVERYTHING but there are tons of ways to help. We all know taking pictures throughout the year helps, but what about all the details? In 10 years will you remember your child’s favorite color or best friend from 2nd grade? High five to you if you will, I might need a little help. These printables & crafts are my favorites that I have found to help preserve the end of the school year memories. They are easy to do and easy to store.


This single sheet I Will Remember  has space for the fun details. It will be hard to remember how tall your child was in Kindergarten but this printable will help!

If you are looking for a grade specific end of the year interview, this one is adorable. Each grade is a different color and all the same format. How cute would this be all compiled together at high school graduation?

End Of The Year Bingo is perfect for a classroom setting, to help kids remember their classmates. Sometimes kids find the best friends in their class, this is just one more way to help them stay connected.

Farewell printable will help kids (Kindergarten through 4th grade) reminisce about their favorite parts of the school year. I love how it looks like a page from a super cute scrapbook!

This printable memory book helps reflect back as well as look forward. There are spaces for favorite memory as well as what the child is most excited about for summer break.

All About Me Sign is a fun printable that can be filled out, put in a frame, and used as a prop for an end of the school year picture.

The last day of school is much different from the first. This All About Me printable has a space for all the small details that we may want to remember, plus a place for a picture!

A Year Of Many Firsts is the memory book that has so many spaces for what has happened in the past school year including friends, first time something happened and something new learned.

We can’t forget field trips and best friends. This printable memory book has space to draw (or write about) both of those and more!


The end of the year typically means graduation, for some grades. This adorable paper plate graduation cap is a super cute send off craft for kids!

One memory that is hard to preserve is how your kids see themselves when they are little. This cute self portrait craft can help preserve this as well as boost their confidence.

Kids may not care about writing down their favorite color or shoe size, but they probably will want to remember their classmates. Help them in this super fun way with a End Of The Year Pillowcase with space for autographs!

Handprints stir up emotion, don’t they? These handprint key chains are so cute and even though they are not ‘true to size’ they are still an adorable way to bring back memories!

Oh The Places You’ll Go is a fantastic end of the year book for kids. This super cute hot air balloon craft goes perfect with that book as well as helping kids look to the future, even when something iconic is ending.

It can be hard to remember all of the details and our favorite parts of any school year, years down the road. These printables and crafts will help preserve those memories for kids (and parents) for many years to come.

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– Life Over C's Preserving End Of The School Year Memories With Printables & Crafts: Help Kids Remember Their Favorite Parts & Little Details With These Adorable Printables and Crafts

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