Your child’s teacher has poured her heart and energy into your child this year. Say ‘thank you’ with one of these teacher appreciation day gifts that will actually get used. Because I’m sure that while she would be grateful for anything, she probably doesn’t need 20 crayon wreaths or pencil vases…. but she could use a night off after turning in the report cards or a gift card to help her buy even more school supplies from the Target Dollar Spot…hello, mini erasers! I’ve compiled a list of the BEST teacher appreciation gifts you’ll be excited to give!

I homeschool three of my daughters, but my youngest does go to public school. So not only do I know how hard it can be to get kids to want to learn, classroom teachers have long days and extra pressures, like having 25 kids in a class, more lesson plans and grading papers than they can possibly complete during their contracted work hours, and an income that definitely doesn’t do justice to the hard work that they put in. Saying “Thank You” only takes a minute, but it makes all the difference to the special teacher in your life.

Sometimes, the best teacher gifts from students are super simple. You know the saying, “It’s the thought that counts”? It’s true! Good gifts for teachers come from your heart. Get inspired by the following teacher gift ideas and see how you might make them your own.

Say “Thank You” with Simple Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week!

DIY Monogram Chalk Slate personalized gift with your favorite teacher’s initial.

Donut Thank You Gift Tags are a thoughtful gift addition to a box of your bakery’s best.

Pair this Free Printable Target Gift Card Holder with a gift card from Target, where your teacher can get anything she wants, from a new water bottle to an extra tote bag.

“Thank you for sticking with us” Free Printable tag for sticky notes. Because sticky notes might be the all time best gift for a teacher.

Give a gift teachers really want, like a simple flower pot craft and printable that will remind her of you for years to come.

This easy coffee sticker set is a great thank you teacher gift for teachers this school year!

Teacher Appreciation Week gift ideas don’t need to be elaborate. A great end of year gift for teachers is to pair up a cute journal and fun pen.

Pamper your history teacher with a sugar scrub and printable tag set because sometimes the best teacher gifts are cute and sweet.

Give the gift of a night off with this fun Redbox code printable paired up with some popcorn and your teachers’ favorite drink (bottle of wine, perhaps?).

Grab a big pack of Sharpies (80s Glam is my fave!) for an easy teacher appreciation gift idea!

If you really want to WOW a teacher, get them a personal laminator! What teacher couldn’t use one of these in her life?

Personalized items add a really nice touch to any gift. A personalized tote would likely be an everyday wear for most teachers! Other items like coffee mugs, water bottles, and key chains are also fun to personalize.

What about a toolkit for the jack-of-all-trades known as your child’s teacher!

Remember, these gift ideas for teachers shouldn’t be relegated to gifts for “Teacher Appreciation” day or week. Or, even gifts for teachers at end-of-year parties. Give them their favorite gift when it’s unexpected!

Remind your child’s teacher all year how much you appreciate their hard work throughout the school year! A thank you gift for a teacher should convey a simple message: “I know the efforts you make, day in and day out, and I am truly thankful for that.”

What’s your favorite teacher gift?

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Gift for teachers that teachers will actually like
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