Numbers, letters, shapes, colors! These are all of the topics that come to mind immediately when we think of what we should teach our preschoolers. Teaching social skills may not normally be one of the first topics that comes to mind, but it is one of the most important! Young children need help navigating social situations and learning how to manage and respond to emotions. These Snowman Theme Social Emotional Activities For Preschoolers are a fun and easy way to incorporate emotions and feelings activities into your daily routine!

Snowman emotions board game for preschoolers.

Recommended Grade Level:

Snowman Emotions Game Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • White Pom-Poms
  • Scissors

This simple snowman board game has so many possibilities for teaching about emotions and how they are communicated through facial expressions!

The snowball cards provide a wonderful opportunity for having discussions about feelings! Talking about feelings and emotions with your little one will help them to better communicate with you how they are feeling!

What Are Social Emotional Learning Activities?

Social emotional learning activities are activities designed to teach kids about feelings and emotions.

As children get older, they may need help with how to express emotions, communicate their emotions, and understand the emotions of others. Social skills activities are the perfect way to do this!

Activities to develop social and emotional skills in preschoolers can be as simple as a role playing activity with puppets, board games like this cute winter themed snowman one, or even just a simple check in asking your little one how they are feeling each morning!

Any activity where children are working in partners or a small group is a great time to work on social emotional development! Taking turns, working through conflicts, and building friendships are all skills that can be taught through emotional skills activities!

Snowman emotions board game for preschoolers.

Why are Emotional Skills Activities For Preschoolers Important?

  • Planning activities to teach emotions to preschoolers is important because these types of activities help little ones develop social skills and understand feelings.
  • So much language development takes place during the preschool years! Providing children with the words to express their feelings can help them better explain how they are feeling and why!
  • Being able to read how people are feeling during social interactions is an important skill for children to develop. When children have an understanding of emotions and feelings, it helps them to respond to others and build relationships.
  • Incorporating these types of activities into your daily lessons will help make your little ones better at expressing how they feel and help them become more empathetic to others and their feelings!

Ways To Help Calm An Upset Child:

Sometimes little ones have trouble expressing how they are feelings with words, and this can lead to a meltdown or temper tantrum. Here are some activities that can help soothe and calm an upset child.

Snowman emotions board game for preschoolers.

How To Use This Social and Emotional Activity For Preschoolers:

Print the instructions, game board, and game pieces out onto white card stock and laminate them.

Gather some gamer marker pieces to keep track of each player’s progress on the board. Possible maker pieces could be teddy bear counters, colored disks, or small lego people.

Shuffle the snowmen and snowball cards and place them in a pile face down.

Pick a player to go first, have them draw a card from the top of the pile. They will move their game marker to the space that has the emotion that they drew.

If a player picks a “snowball” card they should move to the closest “snowball”, even if it means moving backwards, and answer the question on the card.

To win the game by landing on the last space, a player must draw a “snowball” card!

Snowman emotions board game for preschoolers.

Other Ways To Use This Game To Teach Emotions:

  • Play a game of “Guess The Feelings and Emotions” charades! Use just the snowmen cards and place them in a pile face down. Have children take turns drawing cards and trying to get a partner to guess what emotion they are by reading facial expressions!
  • Use the cute snowman cards for an art preschool activity! Have your little one pick a snowman emotion card and recreate it on a paper plate. They can show the feeling face and alter the facial features to express the emotion!
  • As you have story time, have your child guess the emotion that was felt by the character in the story!

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