Oh.my.goodness. Unicorns and learning! I’m not sure it can get any more fun than this! These unicorn color activities for preschoolers are a great way to capture their attention and get them excited about learning. In fact, the kids won’t even care that they are learning. Maybe, just don’t tell them… We have had so much fun with these unicorn color games!

Printable unicorn color activities for preschool. 8 printable activities.

What activities are included in the Unicorn Color Pack?

  • 2 Sets of Unicorn Clip Cards for Matching Colors
  • 2 Sets of Color Sorting Activities (Primary and Secondary Colors)
  • Unicorns and Stars Matching Game
  • 2 Unicorn Colors Spin & Cover Games
  • Unicorn Color Play Dough Mats
  • Unicorn Color Emergent Reader

Materials Needed for the Unicorn Color Activities

Prepping the Color Activities is Simple

To prep: Print and laminate the games. All of the activities can be fully prepped in just a few minutes.

Instructions for preparing each activity are included within the activity pack, but I’m sharing them here in case you want to look back on how I created the spinners or how we used a particular game.

Unicorn Clip Cards

To use the Unicorn clip cards, simply cut apart the cards making sure to leave the answer options attached to the bottom of each card.

If you would like to make them self-correcting, you can place a small dot on the back of each card behind the correct answer. Then, after the kids have answered, they can flip the cards over and see if the clothespin matches the dot you made.

To use the cards, simply have the kids place a clothespin on the correct answer at the bottom of each card.

Unicorn color matching clip cards for preschoolers

You can vary the level of fine motor skill needed by switching up the size of the clothespins or using paperclips.

Make it even less prep by slipping the full sheets into a page protector and have the kids use a dry erase marker to circle the correct answers.

Unicorn Color Sorting Activities

Unicorn color sorting activities: blue, red, and yellow color sorting for preschoolers.

To use the color sorting activities, cut apart the picture cards for each set.

Then, have the kids match the picture cards to the correct section on the mats.

Unicorn color sorting activities: blue, red, and yellow color sorting for preschoolers.

Unicorn Colors Matching Game

I like to print our matching games on scrapbook paper that is colored on one side and white on the other.

That way the kids can’t see through the cards as they are playing.

If you don’t have scrapbook paper, white cardstock will work or you can use regular printer paper and place a large sticker on the back of each card to mask the pictures.

Unicorn Spin & Cover Games

Unicorn themed spinner game for preschoolers. Match colors pink, purple and orange.

These Spin & Cover games are simple to prepare. Poke a small hole in the center of the spinners. Then thread a paper clip onto a paper fastener and poke the paper fastener through the hole.

Spread the pegs of the paper fastener to hold the spinner in place.

Unicorn color matching board game for preschoolers. Spinner with red, yellow, blue and green colors.

Unicorn Emergent Reader

Create an emergent reader for learning colors with your young readers using the black & white book pages.

Simply cut apart the book pages and staple together on the indicated staple marks.

Unicorn theme emergent reader for learning colors with preschoolers. Text says "My book of colors". Color the unicorns

Then have the kids color each unicorn the correct color.

This Unicorn Color Activity Pack is FULL of engaging activities to get your preschoolers learning about colors!

Grab the Unicorn Activity Pack below!

unicorn color recognition activities color clip cards, color matching spinner game, color play dough mats, color sorting mat and 'my book of colors' mini book for preschool

Unicorn Activity Pack

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