What’s better than easy rainbow crafts for preschoolers? How about an easy edible craft for preschoolers?! These yummy rainbow colored snacks are a fun way to have a crafty morning while practicing colors and having a sweet marshmallow treat. The Easy Rainbow Snack on a Stick for Preschool will delight your students as they create a 3D rainbow treat to snack on all day (or it might disappear quite quickly). We love to make this snack to add some color on a dreary day or during our color and rainbow theme!

– Life Over C's Shows three rainbow snacks for preschool. Rainbow colored cereal on a stick with marshmallows at both ends as clouds

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Rainbow Snack Sticks

  • Wood Coffee Stir Stick
  • Froot Loops Cereal
  • Large Marshmallows (room temperature)

Rainbow Crafts for Kids:



Rainbow theme snacks and crafts are a great, interactive way to explore colors. And what child doesn’t love a cereal snack?!

I love this rainbow snack for preschool because it doubles as a craft! Creating the snack will be half the fun and provide an opportunity for students to practice naming colors. And if you’ve ever smelled a classroom ripe with piles of fruit loop snacks, you also know that sense will be highly activated!

The froot loop cereal craft comes together in just a few easy steps. Do it for a morning snack or an afternoon treat. If you’d rather not fill up on added sugars, make the craft with colorful fruit or maybe cotton balls and colored beads (inedible of course).

As you work those fine motor muscles by sliding Kellogg Froot Loops Jumbo Snax (no high fructose corn syrup and packaged perfectly for snacking) onto a stick, you can encourage thinking and talking:

  • What are the colors of the rainbow?
  • Are they in a specific order?
  • What’s your favorite color?
  • What colors do you see around you?
– Life Over C's Plate of Fruit Loops cereal and one skewer with rainbow cereal threaded onto it with marshmallows at both ends to look like clouds edible craft for preschoolers

What Can Preschoolers Learn From Rainbow Crafts?



Sharing a variety of craft projects (and snacks) helps children develop important developmental skills:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Pattern recognition
  • Skill practice
  • Shapes/Colors
  • Language skills
  • Vocabulary

More Fun Rainbow Activities

– Life Over C's Image shows rainbow cereal being threaded onto a skewer for a cereal snack for preschoolers

What Do Children Learn Through Crafts?

Crafts are so much more than opportunities to make messes. Though making messes is a benefit all by itself.

Though crafts kids are able to access parts of their brains that are not engaged when they are simply completing a worksheet or listening to a boring ‘lecture’.

By using crafts within our normal learning times, we can build strong thinkers, keep kids engaged and support hands-on learners

Benefits of Crafting with Kids:

Develop a Child’s Creativity: Arts and crafts allow kids to think creatively and put their own spin on each project. It helps develop problem-solving and gives them freedom of expression.

Develop a Child’s Self-Esteem: If you’ve ever seen the pride in a child’s eyes after painting a picture or creating something with play dough, it’s plain to see that they feel a sense of accomplishment with each project completed.

Bond with Your Child: Sitting down with your child and giving them your attention to make a rainbow cake, or a paper airplane, shows that you love them and increases the bond you share.

Introduce Basic Math Skills: Arts and crafts projects are a great introduction to shapes, colors, lines, and textures. All of these concepts are important foundational math ideas.

Rainbow Cereal Snack Stick for Kids


  • Wood Coffee Stir Stick
  • Froot Loops Cereal
  • Large Marshmallows (room temperature)

How to Make the Rainbow Snack Stick:

  1. Add Froot Loops cereal to the stick in rainbow color order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple).
  2. Repeat this step, if desired , if you have room on the stick. Leave room at each end of the stick for the marshmallow. 
  3. Stick a marshmallow on each end of the stick to complete the snack. 
– Life Over C's Shows three rainbow snacks for preschool. Rainbow colored cereal on a stick with marshmallows at both ends as clouds

More Ways to Use Rainbow Cereal with Preschoolers

  • Sorting: Use the leftover cereal to sort onto colored construction paper mats.
  • Graphing: Graph the leftover cereal onto a graph, totaling up the number of each color.
  • Draw: Since the rainbow snack won’t last long, allow children to draw and color their snack on a piece of paper.

After Creating Your Rainbow Snack, Try These Rainbow Activities

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– Life Over C's Rainbow cereal like Fruit Loops and marshmallows to create a edible rainbow craft for preschoolers

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Don’t stop here! Seriously, what kid doesn’t love playing with their food? So, naturally, learning with their food has to be a favorite too…

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